This is about my sucky life. It a rant, so you don't have to read.

You know... I hate it when you like some one and you just KNOW that that would never like you, because there just like totally there own cool person with there own cool friends
and you don't have any of that, so that means they would never like you.

Don' that just suck??

Oh! And yes, I do tend to fell sorry for myself... So you don't have to read this.

And i also hate it when you think you have friends, but when you go to hang out with them they like... walk away, and your stuck there all by yourself, and I hate being alone So that don't work out very nicely for me.

And - This may sound dumb but this is the way I am - I am very afraid of being made fun of, like I would rather die then be made fun of, and I would rather have no friends and be alone for like... my entire high school life, then be made fun of.

So High school really sucks for me. And I hate it when Guys pretend to flirt with you, and you know there just being as holes, and then if a guy ever does like you and is flirting with you, you have no Idea if there making fun of you or not.

Well, I'm Done.
Posted on June 10th, 2008 at 05:53pm


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