I Love A Rocker

It's true i love a man, thats been nothing but good to me.
even when we have fought i still feel so close to him,
i never knew the man i loved would be so busy but he's everything to me.
no matter what happens im going to love him, and i hope he know's that i hope and pray with all my heart and soul he knows that.
i wanna be in his life forever.
and i don't care how knows it........
i love you so much Z, i wanna be yours forever times infinity.... i wanna be your girl even in death i want to be your wife, i want you to be my first if you know what i mean just know threw thick and thin i need you like a flower needs sunlight and water to grow so please know i need and love you..
Posted on June 17th, 2008 at 06:15pm


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