My midsummer night's dream

This isn't a review of just one book, but a collection of many, if you can call them books I guess they should be called plays really, some I have read, others i have seen performed. As far as I an concerned, they are some of the greatest stories ever told, and anyon can relate to them. They are the collected works of William Shakespeare.

I'm not going to debate whether or not one man wrote all the plays, quite frankly I don't really care, all that matters is that they were written and that I can read them. It began with Richard III, a book that for once focused upon the villian, though I fell that word is an understatment for he is one fo the greatest villians of all time. As I read line after line, the words rolled from my mouth; meter and rhyme painted pictures, asonance and apostrophes moved me from love to hate.

When you first read Shakespeare, his tales are just a collection of thees and thous that don't add up to a plot or storyline. But if you persist, and you truly care and wish to find the deeper meaning, eventually the language unfolds itself and the beauty and majestry of the tales are revealed to you, and you can see the actors onstage performing it as you read.

I saw Romeo and Juliet performed by a Sydney theatre group in a small, poorly ventilated theatre in the middle of Summer. While those around me ignored the intricate details of the greatest love trajedy to be written, they wished to be outside at the beach which sat so close to the theatre. I thought none of these thoughts, I hung upon every word of the actors tales, and I understood everything that they did speak.

I have read many of the books, and seen mroe than one of the plays performed more than once, whether it be on the stage, the silver or the small screen, and everytime I am thankful that these plays were written.

"Some true love turn'd and not a false turned true"
Posted on June 26th, 2008 at 07:46am


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