My Rant About Things I notice.

[Referring to what I have witnessed at home.]

Ok, so I’m going to give you a pretty little rant about what I think of everything I have witnessed in the generation of today. If you are a whiney, pathetic moan-bag, it would be advisable to turn around and evacuate my blog, because I am not going light on this issue.
Here’s some topics I’ll be covering: labels, the word Teenie, and the word opinion.

1. Labels.
Punk, Emo, Goth, Chav, Poser, Scene Kid - just a few of the stupid words.

OK, I’m saying this once. All of these words do not make you unique. They do not make you known. They mean nothing.
What they do cause however, is Trouble. See the capital T? Yes.
Now, I know your going to go off and say, oh but they define the scene I belong to. It isn’t a scene, it’s a bunch of people who like the same things. Get over it. Let’s build the bloody bridge here. I’ve had it up to my eyes with seeing people belting head first into Hot Topic trying to find the perfect shirt that all the Emos are wearing.
For Christ’s sake, it’s a shirt, a piece of ratty fabric that with bad weather, will get fucked up in time.
As for these side fringes - the level of want is just comical. If I hear one more person say that they need a side fringe to be an Emo I’ll shave their whole feckin’ head. OK.
And these snake bites… it’s a whole other world with lip piercing and them big rounded ear rings.

You do not need to have the following to be accepted by a bunch of people. They don’t like you the way you are, jog onto some better people.

As for the punks. Let’s make this short sweet and simple. No amount of Mohawking or Sex pistol listening makes you any more of a punk then what you already are. For goodness sake, stop sticking more and more safety pins to yourself, just because Wattie did it. Just listen to the bloody music and shut up! Be happy!

And the Goths. They don’t worship the devil, they don’t play witch craft games, they don’t use them bloody boards that move by themselves. They don’t have white skin. They don’t have long black hair. They don’t wear trench coats, they don’t wear New Rock Boots and they are not depressed! See all those things, anyone can be or have those things. So shut up about it!

A Chav does not have Fred Perry, Nike tracksuits, runners. They don’t pull their stockings above their pants. They don’t have long gold chains, they do not wear big gold rings. They do not look for trouble. They do not carry knifes. The people that carry knifes are criminals. Got that? Their not Chavs, so leave the them alone. If certain group of people did something to you, hate them, but don’t hate every single person that has the same jewellery or the tracksuit that they have.

Remember people, a lot of you wear converses - half the fucking planet wears them.

Poser. Ah, the famous Poser.
poser - a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not =D
No, it doesn’t work that way. So stop calling people posers. They act that way - how do you know that’s not just the way they act? Maybe their just trying to have a laugh. Are they hurting you? I doubt it. Leave them alone.

Scene Kids.
A 'scene kid' is a person who conforms to the current trends promoted by the punk/goth/emo/hardcore music genres in order to appear cool.
Again, no, your wrong. It’s just a bunch of people who like that certain style of clothing. They like eyeliner. Really? Me too. Great, I’m a scene kid.


2. The Word Teenie.

This was covered in another blog, so I would suggest you go to that blog. I left a comment on what I think about it. Again, I mentioned building one of our little bridges.


3. The Word Opinion.

I’ll make this short, sweet and simple because my son is going to wake up in a bit.

All I wish to express on this word is that, you do not need to put the sentence “It’s just my opinion.” at the end of every comment or when your talking to someone.
I know a lot of people who put that sentence their because some ignorant animals would jump all over them saying, they don’t know what their talking about.
Obviously, it is put their to show people your voicing yourself, that’s grand, but I’m referring to people who put it their because they fear others will have a go off them.
You know what, screw them morons. Leave them rant and rave, at the end of the day, you said your bit.

Right, I’m done. I was bored. Meh. This was aimed at no on in particular, just things I noticed in my city.

Posted on June 26th, 2008 at 12:56pm


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