Miley Cyrus: What gives you the right to bash her?

Well, as I’m sure some of you know, I’m a huge Miley Cyrus fan. Hence the username, ava, siggy... But this blog isn’t really about her, so to speak, it’s about anyone that you bash without truly knowing them. I’m using Miley as an example because she’s my favorite tehe

First off, the amount of crap people say about her absolutely ridiculous. She's a person, too, so what makes you think you can just say those awful things? Seeing as you don't know her on a personal level, you absolutely cannot make any judgments. The same goes for any celebrity. You've got no idea what it's like to go through a world where people are constantly piling pressure on your shoulders for the public to see, and honestly, it's amazing she's kept her chin up throughout everything. Really, it's fine not to like someone, but keep it to yourself. The less hate you put into the world the less you're gonna get back.

The fact that people think it’s okay just to say terrible things about people just because they’re famous really disappoints me. Haven’t we got better things to worry about? Clearly not, if more than half of what is posted on the internet about Miley is “I hate her. She’s a slut who can’t sing.” That is just so appallingly rude and even borderline cruel. Believe it or not, those kinds of things make it back to people and they hurt to hear.

For example, imagine going to high school and half of them openly hate your guts. They sneer at you and call you names, and even go so far as to put up death threats around the school. The idea of that is absolutely terrifying, but it is reality for several stars nowadays.

But I am so, so proud of the way Miley has handled all of this. She's undergone things nobody, let alone someone who is still a kid, should have to, and she has never made a single complaint or snappy remark.

Really- next time you're about to make a statement about anybody you don’t know's character, think about how seeing this stuff makes them feel.

Miley [in response to how she feels about the things being said]:

When there’s always a camera there and you can never make a move and as soon as you make a mistake it’s analyzed. And especially not just by like, the paparazzi and magazines, you know, it’s the people that are commenting and on the message boards. There have been several times I've really like broken down, like I don't understand, these people don't even know me

Posted on July 1st, 2008 at 03:14am


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