A Thank You.

I've been on GSB enough time to see that this place is like a family, alittle dysfunctional, but still a family. I've made alot of friends on here, some just come and go; but there's some that stay with me. These people stayed with me through tears, and smiles. I could never thank them enough.

I would have to say marissa is among some of the most amazing people i've met in my lifetime. She's a great friend, and a wonderful person to talk to; you talk she listens. She does her best to make me happy when i'm down, and her best always works. She also happens to have an amazing music taste which i must say has rubbed off on me. She's the best hero a girl could ask for and i think if she got a cape, funny underwear and super powers she could change the world, even without she can still achieve great things (;. Marissa, you of course know what this is, but i want you to know how much thought i put into it. i really do love talking to you, you always make me smile, even if i'm down. i love our conversations about nothing and everything, you really are an amazing person. i hope to never ever lose you, even after gsb.

I've probably known you the shortest out of everyone, but time shouldn't matter. You're an amazing person, you never ever forget that. When you're sad, i can't help but feel sad myself. I hate seeing my friends hurt, and i may not give the best help and the best advice but some Smiley can always help. i love when i make you laugh, or when i know i made you smile, it makes me feel useful tbh. i know when we say ily to eachother it means nothing, but it really does mean things, just not like that. (:

You are such a caring and loving person, whenever you see me down you come to the rescue. i thank you for all of those times i posted blahs about 'un tiss' and the advice you gave, it was like we were at a sleepover.! Or when i posted blahs about my tears you where there. thank you so much for the support.

You really make me lol, don't worry you're not the only one that sits at their computer and laughs at things people said on the intrawebs. I love the random picture fights we have with eachother. (your mullet, summer of '69, my tampon add ...) I love when you post blahs with ironic titles and random pictures that go along with the irony and when you use your frog smilie. i've been to uranus and back and i wouldn't have it any other way. Smiley

Though you don't come on here as often as you used to our conversations always bring a smile to my face. Matt good, disco darth vader, your father, gabe saporta cardboard cut outs. All made me smile but, i can't forget the most important NIKITA. oh lord. i remember reading the story you wrote with me as a character (mommy, what's a sex and where can i get one?), it really made me happy. thnks fr th lghs.

All of these people have touched me in different ways (oh lord not like that!), and i thank them. i realize as i am closing up this blog GSB is really like a home away from home. It's not like a have the worst life that i need somewhere else to go; but I love having support anyway. I really have come to learn the meaning of friendship here on gsb and im glad i didn't learn it any where else.
Posted on July 2nd, 2008 at 05:58pm


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