Life. Such a peculiar thing, isn't it?

I have 40 days til I start High School at Edisto. Four years and then I'm off to Nascar Tech in state north of South Carolina, North. It's funny. You never realize how little time school takes up in your life til you're in high school. Years go by far faster than you remember. 2007 went especially fast to me. Then again, I stayed up nearly every night and woke up the next day at 12:30 or so. Haha, not the same this year. More on that later.

Soon after high school starts, bam 4 years have passed and you're in the gown and cap you saw your sister and brothers walk across a stage in, to get a diploma. Seventeen/eighteen and a world ahead of you to experience. What to do first? Go to a school for a higher education of course! Going to college. In my case, Nascar Technical School. Some of the best years of your life, so they say. 4 more years pass, you either acomplish your goal, or fall out. Hopefully not the latter. Now you're in your early twenties. Still so much to do. You eventually find yourself a nice girl or guy you're in love with, and you're family and she or he get along. Great news. Eventually you propose to the said person and are practically on needles, waiting for a hopeful reply of "yes." Supposing they said yes, you're now engaged with a wonderful fiancee and couldn't be happier. Eventually, say a few months later, you start planning a wedding. The wedding of your dreams with you're significant other. (Ha, no dressy stuff in mine, strictly casual baby.) The day comes, and you're nearly going into cardiac arrest as you wait to see you're now wife/husband. It seems an eternity before the respectful Father/Mother commencing the union gets to "Do you *insert name* take *insert name* to be your lawfully wedded wife/husband?" And you say "I Do", as does your new spouse. A year or so later you decide to settle down and start a family. The day your child is born seems to last forever, however the same cannot be said for rasing the child. You continue at your job to earn the money needed to support your family while raising your child or children. Before you know it, they're six, and they're off to First Grade. Cherish these moments as you know, deep down, despite trying to raise your child the best you can, they're going to do something wrong. But don't get mad, it was a mistake, and you probably did something when you were their age, right? Soon enough, they're 18 and off on their own, to start their own life. You become sad, yet full of happiness when you see them sleeping in their room for the last time, and then walk out the door as your child for the last time, only to return as a young adult. And before you know it, your kid has their own kid(s). You're delighted to be a grandparent as it brings back wonderful memories. Unfortunately, life is short, and you can't stay forever. And you pass on, to where ever you go after passing.

Back to about myself changing. Last summer i tayed up nearly every night and woke up incredibly late, this year, that has changed. I would get on the computer for the duration of the day, however I hardly if ever get on, and if I do, it's not for very long. I've matured, became a different person essentially. Yet of course there are things I wish would change over night, but they wont.

My point in writing this blog? Life is shorter than you realize, and you don't experince how fast a year really goes by until you're a teenager. You're going to miss going to school, seeing friends, teachers you're fond of, just being in the school. No more mom and dad to cook your meals or pay for thing you want. It's all on you now. I for one, despite hating school, am gonna miss going to school. It won't be the same when I wake up to go to Nascar Tech, or my job. I probably won't see alot of the kids I know ever again, and some I'll really miss. I guess you just have to sit back and roll with the punches life dishes out. But I'll miss waking up to the smell of fresh home-made biscuts, grits on the stove, eggs being scrambled and bacon being fried. Instead I'll wake up facing a wonderful girl, being close enough to smell the shampoo she used in her hair the previous night. Once you make a change in life, it won't go back to the previous state ever again.
Posted on July 9th, 2008 at 03:40am


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