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So it seems they are. Some people really hate this band with a passion, for no reason at all. Some think Oli is some stuck up diva. Some think their music blows. Some just think that their Suicide Silence rip offs. Some hate them because they have a seemingly large amount of scene friends.Well guess what? Music is not about what stereotype fans a group has. It is not about whether or not they have the same sound as another group. It is not about the attitude of the members. It is not about idiocy. It is not about fashion. As Jesse mentioned in his last blog (I want to show you beauty), music is beautiful. It is passionate. It is supposed to save lives, encourage and inspire. That is what Bring Me The Horizon is in my eyes. It is a reason why they are my heroes.

(from left to right) Matt Kean(bass), Lee Malia(guitar), Matt Nicholls(drums), Oliver Sykes(vocals) and Curtis Ward(guitar)

They are the most talented five men I've seen in a long time. Individually, they are amazing. Together, they have the whole Horizon. Now, I know the band said that their lyrics don't mean shit. But, to me, they have this message. Every song is about something, sometimes dealing with things that happen everyday. The lyrics are only backed up by the most amazing symphonys and beats I've heatd. Their album Count Your Blessings only proves this.

Now, I will admit that some of their songs make absolutely no sense to me, but the lyrics are pretty good and the music just kicks ass. They put so much into it, and if you listen with your heart and get lost in the music, you can feel almost like they do all the time.

Alot of the music they make inspires me to keep moving forward. Life gets hard, but it's real. I have to deal with it one way or the other. Bring Me The Horizon does this for me. They have saved my life so many times. When I've felt down and like giving up, I listened to Pray for Plagues and realized that it could be the end of the world, but it's not. When I was heartbroken, I listened to (I Used To Makeout With) Medusa and realized that the person who hurt me wasn't worth my tears and love. They were "fucking whores" who needed to fuck themselves. When I've felt angry, I've listened to Black and Blue, and realized that I could be down and broken, but I'm not going to let people get to me. When I feel insecure and despondent, I listen to For Stevie Wonders Eyes Only(Braille) and realize that I am the shit, people should listen to me when I have something to say. If they dont, I'm going to force them to hear me. I refuse to stand unheared. When I feel distant from someone I love, I listen to Tell Slater Not To Was His Dick, and discover that it could be worse than I have it. When I feel like moshing, i listen to This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For.

This band has made me a stronger person. They've helped me to discover what really matters to me in life; Loyalty. Faith. Dignity. Pride. Self-Respect. Trust. and Honesty.

They are my favorite band, They are my heroes. If they are shit, they are The Shit.
Posted on July 12th, 2008 at 08:04pm


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