Rape = Not funny!

Hello there. Just need to Rant a few things, that i've been seeing in my school and around. I'm not upset about anything so dont tell me to calm down, when its my own opinion. I dont say that when its your guys' opinion. I hate when you guys take everything the wrong way with me. so what i cant say my own opinion without everyone mad at me. sorry for stated my opinion i have a right to you know.

okay here it goes.

You guys all know what rape is right? good okay so i dont need to get the info on that.

Now on to what i was going with this. Lately like when i was still in school and stuff. A lot of my old friends would make jokes about Rape, and laugh about it, and sometimes i see it on here. It really ticks me off that some people would even joke about it. I dont know what is so funny about it, but its really sad that they do.

I mean really...Immature people that dont know nothing about it. They think its funny until it happens to them. (me no never been raped so dont worry). I dont know many people on here nor at my school has this ever happend to them, but I do have respect for the ones that has happend to them. I mean most of them are really nice people. They would love not to see anyone joke about something so serious.

I advise you guys (the ones that do) to stop what they are doing before they hurt someone's feelings. Because really its not funny. Its nothing to joke about. What if that happend to you i know you wouldnt like anyone to joke about this. Right? Pfft I know i would. Its also hard for them to get their life back on track too. its hard to trust anyone, I also advise to be nice to everyone. Dont joke about it, cause really Rape is not a funny issue. If you think it is. Then go die cause your really being immature and being a jerk to those who's lives are ruined.

People say its just joking with friends and school jokes. But really joking about anything serious like this and or other serious subjects. I mean really how immature can you be. sorry if you all think i take this too seriously but someone has to. To me my best bet wouldnt be joking around with it at all.

I'm truely sorry if i offended anyone in anyway in this Blog i wrote was a rant that i've seen lately and need to get it out.
Thanks for reading it. It means a lot to me.
Also thanks for your guys opinions ^^ i do appericate it too. ^^
Posted on July 15th, 2008 at 10:32am


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