Tributes to Lost Celebrities + Important figures. [Pt. 1]

Hi everyone. I'm gonna do my tributes to Lost Celebrities and Important figures and families. Sorry if I offend you in anyway. If I do i'll just delete it and never bring it back up again. I'm doing this for my sake and other things too. I'm not gonna do anything to make you guys mad or upset with me about this. so ya we go.

Dear Mr. Irwin;
Hello there....I'm one of your biggest fans. I admire you and what you did for the animals out there. I loved watching your show when i got the chance too. I also admire that you tried a lot of things to protect endangered species in Austrailia and probably other places too. It was fun to watch you act like yourself and not how other people wanted you to act. Your a real hero in my book, i'm glad that your a person who loves animals. I do too...I realize not every animal is bad. I hope everyone remembers you as a fun loving dad and husband. Also that you loved animal as much as you loved your family. You will be missed dearly and you will be in everyone hearts and thoughts now and hopefully in the future.
R.I.P. Steve Irwin. You will be missed by all

Dear Mr. Ledger;
Hi...I'm gonna say this i wasnt one of your biggest fans. Well....after seeing 'The Dark Knight' you were incredible by the way, and in 'BrokeBack Mountain' never saw it but I know it was good. Also your other movies were good that i've heard. You are different then other celebrities that I hear about, you are a nice loving person with a good heart, that loved his daughter, wife, and family. I hope you are remembered for this then being an actor, I know i'll remember you as that. I wish i gotten to know you better then instead of now. You'll always be in everyone's thoughts and hearts now and hopefully in the future.
R.I.P. Heath Ledger. You will be missed by all

Now the families....

Dear both families;
Hi there.....You both have nice husbands. I know its hard to loose someone you love, well everyone knows that. Year by year, month by month and so on. You not need to give up, you are families of celebrities but your still human and you have feelings too. I'm so glad that these deaths have not turned to awful rumors like of some other celebrity deaths. You and everyone that are fans to these men do or will rememeber them as long as we live hopefully. Its gonna be tough but atleast you know that they loved you and cared for you and have the most beautiful families i've seen or heard of. I hope everything works out in the future. You all will be in my prayers, as much as my thoughts and in my heart and everyone else's.

From the fans that adored your husbands.

Thanks for reading this. I know it was sappy......i hope that i didnt offend you at all. Like i said before if i did i'll delete this and never talk about it again. Thanks for commenting too....I'm doing this out of my best intentions and hopefully i dont get anyone upset. Thanks.


Posted on July 23rd, 2008 at 11:17pm


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