Tributes to Lost Celebrities + Important figures. [Pt. 2]

Hey there again all you gsbians out there. Its time to do another tributes to some celebs and or important figures. Again sorry if any of this offends any of you, and or i got some infomation wrong. you can correct me if needed to.

so umm here we go...

Dear Mr. Mac:
Hi there...oh...I loved you in your own show 'The Bernie Mac Show' and in the Oceans's eleven franchise. You were funny. Some of it may not be good but it was funny anyway. I'm like one of your biggest fans. When i heard u got sick i was worried. Other than that when i heard that you died from complications of your sickness. I almost cried. You were one cool dude, if i say so for myself. For me and everyone out there including your friends, fans, and family...will greatly miss you and your funniness. This world right now is less funny...but boy in heaven it just got a little bit funnier. hope you dont ever loose your funniness. May you always be missed.
R.I.P. Bernie Mac. You'll always be missed

Dear Mr. Cobain:
Hi there....As much as i dont really want to say this..but i never really knew you. Not at all, and i'm sorry about that. Mostly what i've heard was that you were a singer..and you died by suicide. (please if what i say is wrong correct me you guys. Most of you know him better then me). Well anyway whatever happend. You'll always be missed by your family, fans, and friends. I dont know what else to say...I mean really i dont. only to say that i'm sorry for what happend to you and your family. May you always be missed. Have fun and rocking out where ever you are at.
R.I.P. Kurt Cobain. May you always be missed

Now for the families...

Dear Families:
I know this is been hard on both families...but no matter what they were loved by thier fans and friends. but more importantly loved by you guys more. I know that it must be hard. But you know they are always gonna be in a good place. where that may be....I'm glad to hear that they loved what they did and never looked back. I hope you the families can be hopeful and stay strong through the rough times. May you always be loved...As much as your Husbands were. I hope to see that you have at the end have a happy life.

Again Thanks for reading + commenting. Means alot to me. Like i said before if any of the infomation is wrong up above you can correct me. I dont mind. Well I hoped you like it. May you guys that read this never forget them up there.

well yea thanks again <3
Posted on August 12th, 2008 at 12:13pm


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