Diary - Chuck Palahniuk

It's a headache, Misty tells him. It could be her paints. Cadmium red. Titanium white. Some oil paints are loaded with lead or copper or iron oxide. It doesn't help that most artists will twist the brush in their mouth to make a finer point. In art school, they're always warning you about Vincent van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec. All those painters who went insane and suffered so much nerve damage they painted with a brush tied to their dead hand. Toxic paints, absinthe, syphilis.
Weakness in your wrists and ankles, a sure sign of lead poisoning.
Everything is a self-portrait. Including your autopsied brain. Your urine.
Poison, drugs disease. Inspiration.
Everything is a diary.

Diary is one of the best novels by Chuck Palahniuk. Written with a wicked twist and a sick plot, Chuck makes sure you want to keep on reading until the end. A must for art lovers and anyone else who loves to know their money was well-spent.
This is basically the story: Misty Wilmot, a former artist, lives on an island with her twelve-year-old daughter Tabbi and her mother-in-law Grace, working a shift at a hotel as a waitress. Her husband, a contractor named Peter Wilmot, lies in coma after a suicide attempt. A lot of his clients are threatening Misty with lawsuits over a bunch of sick messages they found in the rooms he remodeled. Now Misty and Angel Delaporte (owner of one of the houses where the messages were found) go from house to house trying to discover what Peter meant, what was his big message hidden in all this.
Meanwhile, behind Misty's back, an old family tradition begins to unfurl, a tradition that depends on Misty's artistic talent. Inspired but confused, she finds herself a pawn in this sick conspiracy.
One thing that I really like is the way the book is written in second and third person at the same time. It's a story written for you and for Peter, as if Peter were reading it after he comes out of his coma.
I highly recomend this book. It's really well-written, really interesting and the most philosophical "horror" novel you will ever find.

Posted on February 23rd, 2007 at 08:57pm


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