A very long night

I was sleeping. He was not sleepy. Why to sleep? If he was remaining awake he could look at my face, notice my breathing, caress my hair, kiss my closed eyes...
He was thinking that he could not be more in love with me, that could not love me any more than he loved me.
I know that he has changed for me, and it makes myself happy, because he has been a very difficult boy, and I am proud of that he loved me so much.
Suddenly, in the middle of the silence, he listened to the neighbours, who were discussing. She was crying and he was striking her and shouting her. "Oh, my God. How can you live with the girl that you love and, at the same time, mistreat her?" This thought worried him during a while, but in the moment I moved while I was murmuring in dreams, he forgot everything else.
He was charmed with living with me. He never wanted to promise with any girl, simply he treated them like objects, but when he met me, he changed.
He met me one day before his birthday, when I was going out of the faculty. I was smoking a cigarette while I was walking towards my home, but he shouted the following sentence: "Hey, gorgeous! Can I have a son with you?" I admit that the sentence made me laugh, so I looked at him and I smiled. He continued saying silly things and I was laughing, until he invited me to eat. Our friendship began in this moment, which lasted 3 months, until we start going out.
One year and a half passed and we are still together. We have bought ourselves a flat in the downtown and we live happily. I cannot imagine a life without him and he is always saying that I am the best thing that happened to him. Every night, I go to bed by his side and I fall asleep with my hand on his chest and I think that I am lucky. He confessed to me that many nights he is not capable of sleeping, so he continues caressing my hair and thinking about the good things that happened to us during the day.
I smile. I am dreaming something funny, and he smiles also. Suddenly he yawns. He feels that his eyes are closed. He has just remained slept.

(It is difficult to me to write in English. Sorry for the mistakes in the text).
Posted on September 13th, 2008 at 10:19am


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