The joy of watching someone suffer?

I can’t watch the news anymore. It’s disgusting me, to be honest. It’s not just because the news consist of mostly bad news about deaths, terror or pain. It’s also because of the way news are presented.

The most shocking experience was a CNN reporter who was somewhere in Africa. He was covering a story about the lack of water in Africa. He was standing in front of a pointy fence, on the other side were African women trying to get on the other side. They were trying to crawl underneath the fence, their skin was already bloody. And the reporter, I don’t remember his name, was standing there on the other side where the women wanted to get to in order to get some water. He was standing there with his microphone in his hand, not more than a meter away from this one woman, pointing at her and telling the people on their couches at home how difficult life in Africa is.

The way the reporter was pointing at the women, telling about her as if it she was the main character in an action movie while she lay there suffering, shocked me. Seeing this reporter stand there next to people who have to struggle to survive, who lay there on the ground, forgetting about their dignity and pride, seemed so unreal, unbelievable. He, in his expensive clothes, again and again pointing at them as if they were animals in a zoo and everyone enjoys watching them “ that was really shocking for me.

Only yesterday I saw a news report on a car accident close to where I live. A car crashed into a motorbike killing the driver of the motorbike. During the report the camera directly pointed to the dead body of the driver lying in the grass, only covered by a small jacked on the top of his body. What’s the point in bringing the pictures of the dead body of the victim of the accident lying in the grass to the people in front of the television? I see no point.

And I started to realize that most news reports are nothing but informative entertainment bits brought to your living room from all over the world. Whenever something happens reporters followed by lots of cameras and microphones show up, pointing with their cameras at the dead or suffering bodies of the victims. They point at people crying for their friends and relatives, crying for the house they lost, the father they miss, the pain they feel or the dream they can’t reach. There is no such a thing like respect of the mourner, nothing like the respect of the dignity of people. It’s all about causing sensation and about high viewer levels. The dignity of the victims is forgotten. And it’s disgusting me, and I’m ashamed of what the human race has become. It’s perverse and sickening, disrespectful and totally wrong.

Sometimes I just don’t get this world.

Posted on September 29th, 2008 at 07:16am


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