Redemption Song

I have been waiting for a month to get it and when I have finally hold it I couldn't have been more excited. It had that fresh smell of new books and intoxicated by that I started reading it immediately. Redemption Song by Chris Salewicz definitely is the book everybody was warning you not to read if you are living in dreams a bit too much. The definitive biography of Joe Strummer isn't a one-man–worshiping book filled with adjectives of praise, it is a sincere book about a man, written from the perspective of his old friend. Before I read it I heard people saying that at one point you may hate Joe and to be honest.... that is completely true. While reading this book I felt love, gratitude, sadness for Joe, but also anger. That shows you how the book is pure and sincere and can honestly show you the life of a man who in the end is just another human being. Reading it I felt completely in the skin of the character, just that in this case, Joe Strummer isn't fiction, but reality and some of the reasons that this book is really interesting may be because of the complex character that is John Mellor and because he lived day by day, but as well because of the authors complete and utter engagement in this project its very viewable that is written with care. Its detailed, but easy for someone who isn't a Joe Strummer fan to read it because of its simplicity. The story will touch you, thats not doubtable. I have found it very intelligent and open, with different views on certain things not only from the author of this book, but from Joe's friends, family, band-mates... It shows reality how it really was, with no lies and no glorification of Joe. While reading this book you will feel anger and hatred towards Joe, but after finishing it you will simply understand the brilliance of Joe and have more respect of him as a person. The treat of the book are the pictures as well, the ones in the middle, but the ones that flow through the whole books which makes it more exciting to read cause you never know when a rare picture can pop out. Now for the bad sides... I couldn't really find any. I'm not saying this book is perfection in its finest, just that, no flaws were made. Every detail and part of Joe's life was covered and, said by the author himself, nothing was hidden because Joe's family contributed everything. The only problem for some readers could be cockney, knowing that the author is British and almost every contributor is English, language problems could be the only obstacle. This book is really a magnificent view of Joe Strummer and I warmly recommend it to anyone, not just fans of Joe, but to everyone wanting to read a book about a a great lyrics-man, charismatic persona, hero to many, but also just an ordinary human being struggling with life...
Posted on February 27th, 2007 at 08:33am


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