A "Christian" death wish

Well of course, everyone knows that punks can be extremly annoying at times and in other times, extremely entertaining. For one, I thought I was pretty entertaining. It turns out I was sadly mistaken. These two guys tell me I'm annoying, and I just told them to fuck off. No big deal, really. It turns out, it is a big deal. They want me to die. For somebody to stab me and walk away. I ask them what I ever did to them and they just said I was always annoying, and that's why I should die. I sighed and asked them what kind of belief tells them that it's okay to wish somebody dead. They replied that they were Christians. What the fuck? How can you be so inhumane to tell somebody they should be dead, and turn around and say that you are a full-hearted Christian? To me, it makes no sense. Even if you were Buddist, or Jewish, or anything else like that, I'm sure nowhere in their religion does it say to be cruel like that to others.
As a conclusion, I would like to say that if you choose to tell somebody to die or call them names or hurt them in any way, you should think really hard about why you should say it. Especially if you're so egotistic to say that you are a gold-hearted person after saying such things.
Posted on February 27th, 2007 at 06:42pm


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