Forever and Ever Amen

Ehe, Heyy all, wel as some of you may have noticed MIss.Angel no longer spends her life on this site. See, I have met a boy. A wonderful, incredible boy. And....well...I'm head over heels for the child.

We met last year in french class. I was the bitch you didnt annoy and he was the kid I was constantly telling to shut up. Well evenyually the teacher came up with a seating plan. And well guess who just HAPPENED to have to sit together. This wonderful boy ( who I didnt think was too wonderful at the time ) and me. Well after a while we began to talk. I came to learn he was an absaloute sweetheart. He was funny and oddly enough, had the same birthday as my brother. November Second.

Well this boy fell for me. Began to ask me out, only I didn't want a boyfriend so repeatedly I said no. During Exams I introduced him to my.........old friends and we all began to hang out. Well I guess he gave up on me and my old friend began to like him. Before I knew it they were together. You never know what you've got till it's gone. They were happy together, I was happy for them. My friend and I stopped talking and with the end of our frienship cam the end of mine and this boys friendship.

Near the end of the year they broke up. I was sad for them both knowing how much they had liked eachother. Over the summer this boy and I began to talk again untill one day we decided to meet up. I ran down the street at him and straight into his arms. And thats when I realised thats where I belong.

August 26 2008 I finally said yes when he asked me out, we've been together since. We talk everyday, see eachother pretty much everyday after school and we have two classes together.

I know everyone says this is infactuation, but when I'm not with him. Nothing feels rite. It's like something majorly important is missing. I don't know how to explain it I really dont. I just know I love him and I always will. And the best part is I know he loves me back.

I love you Brandon Bingham ( L )

And I'm gonna love you forever, forever and ever amen
Posted on October 22nd, 2008 at 09:50pm


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