"People let me tell ya' bout' my beeest friend!"

I used to be a floater, as you can say- and was friends with pretty much everyone. Then, I went into this phase where I thought it was me Vs. The world so I stopped hanging out with everyone except this certain group of people. They made me laugh, we treated each other with respect, we all trusted and had fun with one another.

2 years pass by.

I get in this huge fight with a girl I usually hangout with. Which causes everyone else we hangout with, to know what's going on too. The girl said my aunt looked like a "Bald old queer" and that was at a time when my aunt had cancer [ hence: Bald] so I just unleashed on her, and told her off like there was no tomorrow. Apperently I made her cry and everyone went running to her with open arms and looked at me like I was some kind of demon. No one ever knew what she said about my aunt, all they know is I made her cry. So everyone started being all harsh against me and all that shizzit. Eventually we all "worked it out, and apolagized" & it's been a whole year, and there's still tension, between me and them. I mean, we get along, but I have a feeling that once I leave all their talking about is me [Which in most cases this is factorily true] and i've done the same to them. We hangout and act "nice" to eachother but I know for a fact that niether of them like me, and I know I don't really care for them anymore. I always confront them and ask if they've been saying things about me, and obviously they deny it. We give off bad energy to eachother. We need to seperate. The thing is, after my "Me Vs. The World" stage, NOBODY but THEM seem to talk to me. It pisses me off how nice they act infront of me too, and how evil and bitchyfuckasaurus they act when i'm not with them..

Help me.
If you don't, i'm calling 911 tehe
Posted on February 27th, 2007 at 09:42pm


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