Just leave me alone, will you

So, I'm sitting in my room listening to the amazing Jim Morrison and wondering what I've done to make people hate me so much.

At school I don't have many friends but there are those people I talk to and that are nice to me, and there are the others who hate my guts for no reason, and now they've turned the nice people against me. I've done absolutely nothing to make them hate me. In year seven I always thought I'd done something wrong to make them hate so much, but its just come to my attention that I've done nothing to them, they're the ones who treat ME bad all time; The constantly call me emo coz I have a lip ring, they bad mouth the music I'm into, the punch me when I'm walking down the hallway to go to my locker, they ask questions about my personal life and they are always spreading rumors about me, so if anything I should be the one hating THEIR guts, not the other way round.

They've even turned my friend Skye against me. On Wednesday she came up to me and started (or tried) hitting me and calling me a c**t and a s**t, all I said was "What did I do? I haven't even been here for a week".

Another thing, people in my classes say that I'm always annoying them when we're in class, how can I? I'm either at a music lesson, production rehearsals, or with Catherine the school counselor and when I'm in a normal class I mind my own business and get my work done, unlike everyone else who wastes time playing games and trying to find MySpace unblockers and they wonder why they're failing.

Another thing that really annoys me; 2 weeks ago we had an assembly and I was getting my VET Music certificate for next year and everyone called me a "nerd", what does "nerd" mean? It doesn't even sound like a proper word to me.

Whenever we get asked my teachers what we want to do when we leave school I always say I want to be a musician and everyone laughs, whats so bad about wanting to be a musician? At least I'm doing something about it now. They all want to be Marine Biologists, forensic scientists, football players, mechanics, plumbers, builders etc. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but they're not taking the right classes for it; the people who want to be marine biologists and forensic scientists aren't doing a science subject like they should be, they're doing subjects like art and terrorism. And I have never seen anyone who wants to be a mechanic in the F Wing section of the school cause thats where all the wood works, sheetmetal and mechanic rooms are.

There is one teacher who I think is really cool: Mr Powell, he's taken notice of everything that happens, he makes me sit down in his office so I can tell him what goes on in classes I don't have him for and what happens at recess when he's not on yard duty, I tell him all of it and he always does something about it. He has a really funny way of making them stop: whenever a group of boys are picking on me he says "You know they say the one you annoy the most is the one you love the most" and the shut up. Sometimes though, I kinda feel like a teacher's pet because Mr Powell is the person I talk to the most and the one I walk around with at recess, do you guys think that makes me a teacher's pet? He is like a kid to, he's only about 24 and he's really funny, and before you ask he's married and is not a pervert and I don't have the hots for him, I have my own bf. lol.

4 out of 5 days I dread going to school, I'd rather be in jail, I bet it couldn't be worse than Monterey Secondary College. The education isn't the problem, it's everyone who goes there, they make it hard for me to fit in and make me feel like I'm a freak.

Whenever I walk out of the music centre at recess they yell out "MUSIC FREAK", they hang around near the music centre. I just give them the finger and turn my i-pod up so I can't hear them.

I'm grateful that I only have contact with those people at school and on MySpace, but with MySpace if I get sick of them I can delete them from my friends list.
Posted on November 1st, 2008 at 03:06am


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