(Sorry for translation, it's in spanish and my english isn't perfection...)

January 5th
How did ye' spend Christman and New Year's?
I called to say hi but i couldn't find ye', what a shame...
I wanted to tell ye' how great i've been and all the stuff I expect to accomplish this year.
You probably got back to school and job already... Yeh, it's pain in the ass, everyone goes trhough it sometimes... I hope we can talk soon.
I have lots of stuff to tell you!!

March 27th
I haven't head about you... And although i send you lots of emails, ye' never reply. Maybe ye' are too busy... I know!... You've probably taken those well deserved vacations ye' told me about 5 months ago...
¿Remember how I told ye' how cool the beach was?... And that hotel ye' were talkin about must be incredible.
I hope ye' are enjoying it.

May 8th
Yesterday something terrible happened to meh... And I have nobody to talk about it. I called you but I only heard the answer machine... I left a little message, i hope it doesn't erase or something... I'd love to tell you about the big problem i'm having, tho i know it's impossible to find you in yer house at this hour.
But as ye' said, I always overreact about stuff. Maybe my troubles aren't big, compared to the ones ye' must be havin... I have to be strong.

July 27th
Happy birthday!! I've called you twice. Your mom and brothers are surprising meh already!!! They tell me ye' haven't arrived from school and in the afternoon ye' have yer job and well... Til night I can't find you. I just want to tell you that i wish you the best of the best and i'd like to keep being part of your life for many, many more years.

September 17th
I got your mail. It was a funny joke. I don't know if ye' knew, but i was a few days in the hospital. Nothing serious, just a little headache. Sorta like a migraine ye've always had. The Dr. says he wants to make some exams to me (i think this isn't well-written...) to make sure that everything is "working fine". And I say to im "Bad weed never dies" (a famous phrase in spanish... the good die young, but the bad last forever). Tho deep in me i feel a profound sadness...

October 12
It was my birthday yesterday.
I understand ye' forgot about it, it's been a long time since we don't talk and well... Ye' are a busy man. I hoped ye' called to tell me "Ye' are growing old!", but even when the phone rang it wasn't you!...
Ye' know, since my days in the hospital i have felt wweak, maybe it's because i haven't been eating so well... I remember now is exam period... Most probable is ye' are battling Algebra and that's why ye' didn't call... Ye' always sucked for Algebra.

October 20
Something isn't workind in me... It's in my head. The doctor says i need chemotherapy before it gets worse. I say i'll do allright, i trust God, but my parents seem worried. I wish you had the time to call me. You always know the exact words when depression fills my soul.

November 30
Chemotherapy... sucks
My hair is starting to fall down, i'm always nauseous and I almost never get up of the bed. My nails fall apart. My nails!!... If ye' saw me now, i don't think ye'd recognize me, i lost weight and i've almost lost half of my hair. I know yesterday was the first day in yer job. You haven't told me, but i found out from someone else who told me that talked to you.... and... well he told me.I hope everything goes great on that job.

Januray 11
Finally, i'm resting.
I got my hair and my nails back.
No more nausea nor pains. There's plenty of peace and tranquility here tho sometimes i'm mortified to know that my parents still cry for me.
From here i can see what youdo. I know ye' haven't heard about what happened with me. Today you met someone who's name is the same that i used to have. Funny, huh?... I remember that you always said that my name was strange and you thought ¿Since when haven't I talked to him? (i don't think this is well-written either)

March 4th
It's been a month since you found out. Tragic, ain't it? And today you visited my grave and you brought some tulips, my favorite flowers.
You were talking to the grave that bears my name and, while you remembered our adventures... I saw you cry. I would have loved to be there to hug you, comfort you and wipe your tears, but yet, i'm not anymore. Hey! But important is I'm happy, i'm just sad to know that you aren't. And that's not true what you are saying!!... You aways were a great FRIEND!!

April 7
Don't blame yourself for it. Sometimes people are so overwhelmed they forget to breath. It's true what you say while you squeeze that pic of us when we went to school together. Ahh, the things we lived together and the things you wanted to tell me. You lost your chance. Yes, it's true... You wasted the time en stuff that maybe weren't that important like you thought. I don't blame you... I still appreciate the time when we were friends and, if I had the chance to repeat it all, i wouldn't think it twice, because i would know that in the end everything happened for my friend to react and live his life, without worrying about uninportant stuff.

To me, you'll always be my friend... My best friend...

._. Fucking story, it always makes me cry...
Posted on March 2nd, 2007 at 03:08pm


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