The class of 2012 just happens to be cursed

I walk to school like any normal day listening to my music. When I reach my friends I discover another tragedy that the class of 2012 must face at my school. Yet another person has died. This is the third or fourth person that has passed from the class of 2012.
My school is a secondary school which means it has grades seventh through twelfth grade, the schools population is about 4,000 students. Though we may be a large school a death at the school is hard especially when there have been others from the same graduating class that have died a year or two before.
I personally do not know all the details but here I what I have to say about what has happened. This morning November 24th of 2008 I walked to school like normal and when I saw a friend of mine her eyes were red so I asked her what was wrong she told me that some one had died. This was a fourteen year old boy who had died. All I know is that he died in an ATV accident by hitting a chain. The police do not know why the chain was on the path but it was and it caused the 26th fatal injury in the county I live in. What makes this harder on the people of my graduating class is that last year two other boys died. I only know for sure how one died but not the other. What I find really strange is that around this time last year one of the boys died. Then in January the other boy had died. This worries me because it might be that we might lose another person from my graduating class in January. I do not know if there was another death but my friend tells me there was and that death accrued when I was in seventh grade and I'm now in ninth grade. I do not want to discourager people who ride ATVs but I do suggest to be more carefull and to be aware of what is around you. Treat driving ATVs like someone elses life is in your hands because people would be greatly upset if you got severely injured or died though I hope that nothing like that happens to you.
The boy who died yesterday November 23rd of 2008 was in one of my classes. I want you all to know that if you need some one to talk to about something no matter what it is I or some one else you may know would always be willing to listen. No one should have to keep something locked up inside.

forgive me if it isn't that great but its what I could do for now because I just wanted to let you all know what is going on with my graduating class I will most likely edit it in a couple days
Posted on November 24th, 2008 at 04:44pm


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