Kings Of Leon: Only By Night. Album Review

Indie strikes back, bolstering a Music Industry lacking meaningful soul. Kings Of Leon resurface to form with a catalogue deep in plot and melodic hooks. The American outfit play a pivotal role in Indie's underskin, controlling a sector they have build with raw music and talent. Never punching above their roots, Kings Of Leon become true maestro's, as respect grows beyond breaking point for the band. Only By Night edges the act to the top teir, branching them outwards. The album commence, is calming and subtle. A soothing apitieser, closer drags the lisener inwards. A perfect start to such a formidable tracklist.

Kings Of Leon are frontrunners when it comes to melodic exploitation. Sex On Fire is a contrasting belter. A mind burrower, a song that sends cosistant shivers up the spine. Your head will begin to sway endessly when the hooks tempt you in. A radio freindly contribution that sounds clean, not overblown or theatricaly laced. Sex On Fire stands proud, overshadowing its melodic counterparts.

''Soft lips are open
knuckles are pale
Feels like you're dying
You're dying''

Use Somebody comes next. Emotionally intact, the song sooths a mind overdrived by the impact of previous tracks. A ballad thats set in stages. Its soft, subdued start progesses to a solo Jimi Hendrix would be proud of. Manhatten upgrades the Kings Of Leon brand, a song you expect from a band so profoundly lyrical. These songs tell stories, lyrically immaculate, Kings Of Leon embrace Words in such a explicit fashion. Only By Night ineviatably becomes a milestone when the music emerges.

Only By Night instrumental qualities arent advanced in any means, but the writing content rightfully justifies its brilliance. Revelry sparks de ja vu. Emualtion kicks in, it such a typical Kings Of Leon contribution. It nesteles quite easily without diseregard, you cant get sick of this.''Cold Desert's'' beautiful introduction enchantings. Vocally empowering, Kings Of Leon strike a chord. Soul reeks from its bare, raw impose. The Album in strewn with melody, it difficult to pick a track that overlooks, that shows how complete this bible really is. Kings Of Leon tone down on guitar riffs, loud, brash sounds, for a more calm, subtle approach on this record.

''You know that i could use somebody
You know that i could use somebody
Someone like you and all you know and how you speak
Countless lovers under cover of the street''

Kings Of Leon's reputation widens. They entertain with emotional laced songs that hit a tender nerve as well as embodying their former spirit. You wonder how they can upgrade themselves, because the skys the limit for this Tennessee bunch.

By Mark McConville
Posted on November 25th, 2008 at 07:26pm


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