So i'm doing a Speech on Titanic in my speech class. Yea its pretty cool. Very emotional looking at this stuff and all that. I got bored one day in 4th hour Geomatry and i wrote this poem about Titanic. Well i hope you like it.

The great ship of the sea
Her majestic look was even more great
As she rested, everyone was in awe
Was even more futuristic of the era

When she set sail
The wind blew around her was calm
The sun light reflected off her colors
As everyone knew, nothing was wrong

Then...the cold of night took her
Swept her to a dark figure
Tried to avoid the great figure
Sadly it cut her open and she bled in water

She tried to stay afloat
As her passengers going for the lifeboats
While others screamed and dived to their deaths
As the ocean was too great...

She broke apart in shame
Bringing with her the frozen corpses
As her stern bobbed with bittersweet pride
After that moment...

She was gone
Laying in the Abyess
Where she will stay forever

The so called "unsinkable" ship...


Yea i dont know if you guys care much anymore about the Titanic, but spending time researching her. She has a hold of me and i became more appericative of her and her sinking. This poem means a lot to me I hope you can say the same. To me the poem isnt the only Art in this blog. It is the ship also that is the Art.

Thanks for reading and commenting i do appericate it.
Posted on November 26th, 2008 at 01:12pm


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