You've got nothing to be complaining about.

This blog has nothing to with anyone on GSB, but it has a lot to do with someone I've started hanging around with at school. Her name's Laurissa, shes year 9 and we started hanging around together after me and some other year 10s taught her class about drug and alcohol abuse and the consequences it brings. That day I was wearing a Green Day wrist band and she noticed it and we started talking about them, cause shes a Green Day fan aswell. She said that shes never seen me around before, I told that I'm always in the library or the music building at lunch and recess, she said I could hang around with her and some of her friends if I wanted to, How could I say no to that?

Well, Laurissa and I have been hanging around together for about 3 weeks now and her complaining is really starting to annoy me. She complains about everything in her life. She had her birthday a week ago and organized a sleep over and from what I saw she's got absolutely NOTHING to complain about: Her parents are still together and shes always wining that they fight a lot and they seemed like a happy couple to me, she complains that they don't feed her and guess what we had for dinner and desert? Steak with all the trimmings and a chocolate sufley and in my town stuff like that is really expensive, she complains about her brother and sister, how can she? her brother lives in Queensland and her sister is either at work or at Uni. I think shes trying to make her life look worse than it really is.

At school her friends Dylan, Josh, Stephanie, Sarah, Kristine and April (the nice one) always say that no one's life is worse than hers. Pfft, they should try and live my life for a week and see how they like it.

At the moment I'm reading an Autobiography called Broken by Shy Keenan. In the book she tells her story of being beaten by her Mother and Stepfather, getting raped by her Stepfather everyday, her Mother's death when she 13 years old, life in care units and prison and her Father's murder when she was 9 years old. Broken is a such a sad book, it will make anyone who reads it cry. It made me realize that my life is pretty damn good. Anyway, today at lunch time I was hanging out Laurissa, Dylan, Josh, Stephanie, Sarah and Kristine and as usual Laurissa was complaining about something and the others, except April, were listening to her and giving her hugs, I was reading Broken and towards then the end of lunch time I dropped the book on the outside table infront of Laurissa and said "You think your life's bad? Read this. Then you'll be grateful for everything you've got. Or if you don't read it then try living my life, you probably wouldn't last a day" and walked away. I know I sounded like a bitch, but she was driving me nuts. At the end of the day Laurissa walked past my locker and threw Broken inside. I opened the cover and found a note, this is what it said:

You didn't have to say that. And exactly how is your life worse than mine? I'll be on MSN tonight if your not too chicken to still talk to me.

I spoke to her on MSN, but I didn't tell her anything that's happened in my life, as far as I'm concerned she doesn't deserve to know anything about my life. But I did tell her that people on GSB have been through more in their lives than she has in her life before I signed out. I didn't say names, all I said was "I talk to people on GSB who have been through more than you" and signed off. Half an hour ago I got a text message from April saying Laurissa wants to bash me tomorrow at school. I'm not even gonna go there, it's not that I'm scared, shes just not worth it and I've been suspended from school for getting into fights and I don't want that to happen, not when tomorrows the last day for year 10s lol.
Posted on December 3rd, 2008 at 03:42am


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