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I know posting a blog about a kids show is one of the weirdest things to do on GSB, but I watched this yesterday for the 1st time in 8 years. Most kids grew up watching the Wiggles, Play School, The Hooley Dooleys, Hi5 and the Teletubies. Not me. I grew up watching Blinky Bill. Seeing Blinky Bill again made me realize how much I loved it and it reminded me of when I was a little kid.

In the first series of The Adventures of Blinky Bill, Blinky Bill and his friends rebuild the buildings and the community in Greenpatch, following its destruction by humans. They also come to terms with their new neighbours, the Dingo family.

In the second series Blinky Bill and his friends become lost while on a school excursion in the bush. Finding their way home across different parts of Australia, they have many adventures helping out other animals in need, including a crocodile, penguins and farm and circus animals.

In series three, Blinky Bill, Nutsy and Flap travel around the world in a hot air balloon that takes them on exciting adventures. Along the way they rescue mistreated animals from the circus and make friends with animals and children from deserts, rainforests and modern cities.

One episode of this show that I will NEVER EVER forget is when Blinky Bill, Nutsy, Flad, Splodge and Marcia find a lost hedgehog in a twig bush. Nutsy names her Twiggy and the help her find her way back home. The only thing that Twiggy describes her home is a "Big Kiss", really and X shape. So Blinky Bill and all his friends wander the bush finding all sorts of X shapes but none are Twiggy's home. Towards the end of the episode they find Twiggy's home and Nutsy tells Twiggy's mum the story of how they found her and Twiggy ends up keeping her name.

* Blinky Bill: the lead character, a young koala
* Nutsy: Blinky's adoptive sister, another young koala
* Splodge: a kangaroo who is one of Blinky's friends
* Flap: a platypus who is one of Blinky's friends
* Marcia Marsupial Mouse: another of Blinky's friends
* Mr Walter "Wombo" Wombat: Blinky's mentor who gives him assistance when needed
* Miss Magpie: the town's school teacher
* Mrs Koala: Blinky's mother
* Mr Koala: Nutsy's long-lost father
* Mayor Pelican: the town's unhelpful mayor
* Mrs Rabbit: a Greenpatch resident and mother
* Granny Grunty Koala: an elderly koala who is hard of hearing
* Danny Dingo: the school bully
* Meatball Dingo: Danny's younger brother, also a bully
* Daisy Dingo: Danny's sister
* Shifty Dingo: Danny's youngest brother, who tries to fit in with Blinky and his friends
* Ma Dingo: The bad-tempered mother of Danny, Meatball, Daisy and Shifty
* Jacko: a kookaburra who often laughs
* Slick: a possum who Blinky meets during the quest to get back to Greenpatch


Ga'day my mate I'm Blinky Bill
I bet you heard of me
I'm living in Australia
Up a eucalyptus tree
Now don't you listen to a word
Those awful grownups say
I'm always on my best behavior
Nearly every day
I'm Blinky Bill
My whole lifes a frill
I do exactly what I want
I'm Blinky Bill
He's Blinky Bill
His whole lifes a thrill
He does exactly what he wants
He's Blinky Bill

Posted on December 19th, 2008 at 10:18pm


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