Media Murder

This issue came to my attention and i felt the need to blog about it.

Now, there are people who are killing themselves and hurting themselves all across the globe - but how many are because of genuine problems?

Most of the people I know (if not all) that cut themselves or have attempted suicide didn't do it because they were fucked up - they did it to be cool.

Why would they think that's cool? I'll tell you.

All these people read the Daily Mail when they said that 'emos are a cult that like My Chemical Romance and hurt themselves' and they thought, "Hmm, if I want to fit in in the emo subculture, I'd better start hurting myself like this rag says."

NO. Don't do that.

The Daily Mail should be shut down. They complain about how the emo kids are dying and blablabla when they're the ones behind it.

Then i thought to myself, "I should start a petition." But I wondered how many people have started one already.

I looked it up, and a lot have.

Of course I intend to try to sign every one, but it's not going to get rags like that off the shelves.

The media is turning everyone against each other. If there were no media, there wouldn't be as much war (if any), there wouldn't be as many people hurting and killing themselves, there wouldn't be as much murder, and society would be accepting of anyone, no matter who or what you are.

But sadly, there will allways be a media turning teenagers anorexic and making people die. The media is murder. But does anyone notice? But does anyone care? (sorry, I had to add some MCR lyrics and these really fit [from Early Sunsets Over Monroeoville])

Of course, I am aware that many people who do this do it because they have genuine problems, but I think that if maybe the media were abolished these problems would start to disappear.

However, the media is a necessary evil.

Doesn't that suck?
Posted on December 27th, 2008 at 01:26pm


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