What happens if i break?

Yea this one is really idk what to call this Art, Life, or Personal issue. To me it goes into all three but sadly i have to choose one category so i choose Personal issues.

Just today i wrote this..i dont know if i finally snapped or not. I just dont know. I just thought it up so yea. It means a lot. But i want you to think when you read this to yourself or selves. Its in Red for a purpose. U gotta figure that out for yourself. NOTE: ITS NOT A SUICIDE NOTE. More of a poemish thing.

Everyone is better off without me. I know its true. I can see it in most of your eyes.
Everyone thinks I dont have problems but i do its just i dont "let them out" Cause u know why its hard to trust anyone anymore. and plus no one really listens to me. They just call me an attention getter and what not to my face. They only pretend to care, they only pretend to be my friend. I know its true.

I'm better off not around. they wont miss me. My parents wont, my so called "Friends" even wouldnt probably care. Cause when i talk to anyone one of them they just walk away or just nod and stay quiet. I cry many nights but you know what that doesnt help. I cant even show my own emotion in my house without being yelled at.

So what am i suppose to do huh? just sit here. or Die!
I rather just die. It'll be a little better for one or all of you.

But hey i would kiss your guy's feet but after all i'm just garbage to you all.
Why live life from Dream to Dream, and dread the day when Dreaming ends.
We're creatures of the Underworld We (Nobodies) Cant Afford to Love.
Somebodies Find Love. Nobodies Dont.
Just a Nobody in a World full of Somebodies.
Its Russian Roulette with no Luck.

Welcome to the life of Demons and Angels where the Angels are loved while the Demons are treated like dirt. Ripped from the world doing the unthinkable for love and attention just like the pretty Angels we wish to be.

Alone in my room crying no one to listen.
Saying good-bye, good-bye world
See ya if i make it.

I dont belong anywhere, that is true. So what if i go insane will you still Love me?
If you forget me will you still Love me?
Its true You guys have or had someone to Love but what about the ppl who dont. You say it'll happen but it doesnt you lie. Just like the rest. I've waited and tried for long enough.

I dont know what to do anymore...
Sorry...u guys...I'm so...sorry...

So what do you think about it? I want your views on what i wrote. I truely want the truth from you guys. I just dont know much anymore. i dont know whats going on in my personal life and or other things. I'm confused or just is about to snap or go insane.

Please read this and comment it i truely appericate it. Thanks for the ones that do it helps that some ppl care on this site to comment my stuff. Do you think I need help?


Posted on January 5th, 2009 at 07:57pm


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