no more suicide notes

“No More Suicide Notes”

I just want…
I don’t don’t know what I want
I want to take it all
‘Cause I always feel so small
The voices say no
But I don’t know!
What should I do?
I am asking you!
Staring down the barrel of this loaded gun
Just makes me want to run and run!
My heart is so confused,
I really hope you’re not amused!
I hurt so bad inside,
I wish I already died.
But seeing you here
Takes away me fear
Of stealing my whole life
With the thin blade of that knife
Sometimes I want to cry,
And sometimes, I want to die.
But you make me feel
Like somehow, I appeal.
All I can say is damnit!
I’m glad you didn’t can it!
Posted on March 4th, 2007 at 06:15pm


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