Why the Grammys Are Important

As many of you know, the 51st Grammy awards were on last night and as always, there was a ton of brilliant musical performances and artist collaborations. Setting aside the fact that great musicians are honored for their work, I think the Grammys are important for another reason: what they exposed the viewer to.

Music listeners have a habit of getting stuck in only a few genres, or even just one genre of music. The Grammys bring all different types and styles of music together for one night, and viewers often end up hearing something they wouldn't have necessarily listened to on their own, which I think is important.

The world is full of a variety of music, and by limiting ourselves to just a small portion of that we're missing out. For example, I probably would not have ever purchased Robert Plant and Alison Krauss's album, but after seeing them give a completely outstanding performance and watching them win album of the year, I downloaded it from iTunes later that night and I'm glad I did.

Perhaps it's because some types of music are perceived as being "cooler" than others that we limit ourselves to a few kinds of music, but really that's only hurting you. The Grammys are inspiration to broaden your horizons and sample new things, and I think we should all take advantage of that and give it a try, you might find something you truly enjoy. =]
Posted on February 9th, 2009 at 10:42am


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