Blatant Flaming!

So I write on I have a story and the link to it is in a previous blog.

Well, I got a lot of good reviews. They were things like "This is good" and "Write more please!" and stuff like that.

Then I came home from school and saw this:

"Congratulations sir and/or madam. Your fic has been added to the selection of
'The Great Ouran Suedom', . It is also an eligible candidate for the following

Glaring Mary-Sue Since the Introduction
Blatant Self-insertion
Use of Painfully Unique Character Name
Ridiculously Flexible Story Adaptation to New Character
Ever-Present Plot Hole
Lack of Originality
Absence of "Original" Character Description
Extreme Over-Reaction
Excessive Focus on New Character
Unfounded and Wish-Fulfillment Character Pairing
Integration of Existing Character Traits to "Original" Character
Cliche, cliche, and more cliche
Out-of-Character Canon Characters
Outrageously Rapid Relationship Development
TL;DR Paragraphs
Long List of Mary-Sue Nominations

And many, many, many more.

Visit out Community and see your fic highlighted amongst the most heralded
Suefics in the Ouran Fandom."

I don't know about you, but I think it's incredibly rude to just start flaming someone else's work! I made it clear that my character, Hayze, has a personality complex that makes her overreact to things. I waited until chapter 8 for them to realize that they liked each other and get together! And this is supposed to be a short story! I put a warning on the Author's Notes in the first chapter that the characters were, in fact, OOC. I mean, look at that list! This person was being rude for the sake of putting me down, and when I get reviews like that I tend to just stop writing it altogether. I don't want to do that, but it happens every time! And they put a parody of my story in a story of theirs without my permission where everything goes horribly wrong and the character dies! And what's wrong with an original name? I know people named Hayze, and Cross is a common last name! This person flames every story they see that has an OC in it! Cliches are inevitable with everything anyway. And really, who does that? It's just too mean for words! It's my story so I'm entitled to do whatever I want with it as long as I have the little disclaimer attatched that states I do not own Ouran. So what's this person's deal?

I don't know, do you think I should report him/her or something?
Posted on March 4th, 2009 at 03:45pm


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