Music is the Air I Breathe

~My Personal Thoughts and Feelings on Music~

I think of music as more then just good lyrics and a kick ass guitar solo... I think of music as religion!!! Meditation for the mind and soul... When I am mad, I listen to Music to com me down. When I am depressed, I listen to music to ease the pain. When I am happy(Which is not often), I listen to music to keep the mood going. When I am bored, I listen to music just to make the time pass by.

Other than Family and Friends, Music is most important in my life.
For some music is just music, but for most. Music is what defines us, makes us who we are. It makes us act the way we act and dress the way we dress and feel the way we do. For example, have you ever seen someone who is really into heavy metal, dress in very light colors; and always has a smile on their face? Maybe. Certainly not usually.

Music is the ONE thing in this despicable world that everyone has; Think about it... You don’t need a guitar or a set of drums... All you need is something that makes a noise that you find soothing or comforting, and if you like to sing; a voice!

I feel we should NEVER take it for granted. Music is the powerful source that keeps the earth spinning. Music is the very air we breathe; the very thing that keeps us Alive!!!

So I tell you... Love your music, and keep it close to you. Hopefully... You will have a happier life...
Posted on March 30th, 2009 at 02:37am


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