I'm not your dog

I don't like the people that just like to walk all over me, call the names they do, an still expect me to be nice! Why the hell would I respect you if you can't show me a little. Lets start off with so called friends. They fuck with you, there rude, an can't fo the life of them show respect to you, but you say one thing an its,what I do? Parents.
They act like when something gose wrong its already your fault no need to explain, but its your fault an thats it. Teachers. they don't know how to litsen, but to pin the blame, an can't stand to be proffen wrong even if your right your wrong. People. Peole are just plaiin ass holes I don't care for to many some are just to hard to even try to get along with so why bother. These are just some of the things that hap[pen on a daily basses. When I help one of these people above I never hear so much as a thank you. I just hear yeah you can go now. Or okay get out! I don't know I gusse I'm just bitter right now.
Posted on April 26th, 2009 at 09:13pm


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