A Review of the All American Rejects Concert in Columbus, Ohio! <3

Soo...I went to the All American Rejects concert. It was really freaking amazing! If you weren't there, you missed out =P

First of all, I was in the second best area! The LC Pavilion is very small, making the concert more intimate and pretty much totally awesome =] I was one person away from the gate in front of the stage! I was sooo close! The only bad thing was the girls in front of me were drunk and always thought I was trying to push them aside when really people were smashed against me so hard that i was being forced against them...so they were total bitches and kept making rude comments to me...and then there was the asshole next to me who kept elbowing me as hard as he could and even hitting me because he thought I was trying to get in front of him. Even though he was really freaking tall and he could see clearly over my head if I did happen to get in front of him. He was really rude and blocked the way for several people. I understand that he wanted to be close too...but geez, if a girl much shorter than you gets pushed a little in front of the SIDE of you, not even in front of you totally, you could be a little more polite then to start elbowing...but thats ok, he just looked like a dumbass. I had a great time and a great view regardless...but any, on to describing the show!

Three bands played- Ace Enders and A Million Different People, Shiny Toy Guns, and of course All American Rejects! ALL of the bands put on great shows, but I do have to say Shiny Toy Guns put on the best show =]

I've never heard of Ace Enders before this concert, but I'm glad I did! He has an amazing voice. He sounded a little like Andrew McMahon, the lead singer of Something Corporate/ Jack's Mannequin (two of the best bands ever, in my opinion). His style of songs were similar minus the piano. He talked to the audience a lot and got people to sing along to songs that we didn't even know (almost everyone had never heard of him, he had us raise our hands if we hadn't =P)

Next came Shiny Toy Guns. I have been listening to their songs for a few days now ever since I figured out that they were opening for AAR. Over the past few days they've become one of my favorite bands, they are simply amazing. Go check them out! Anyway, their show was the best. They had a lot of lights, strobe lights, colored lights, you name it! They also had a fog machine going. But the best effect was the guy lead singer's guitar lit up! (there are two lead singers, a guy and a girl). There was a circle about the size of a small plate on his guitar that made a surprisingly large spotlight type thing. The drummer was on the side of the stage rather than the back (so I got an amazing view of him) and the lead singer kept going over to him and lighting him up with the light. It was so cool. Also, the individual band members looked amazing! From their clothes to their make up, they were very good looking. The drummer had red and black around his eyes and a fauxhawk type thing going on. The guy singer looked super sweet with black make up around his eyes. The girl was amazingly pretty. She had short hair that framed her face in a really cute way. Her hair was whiteish and greenish blue. She had make up around her eyes too. I couldn't really see the keyboard guy from where i was standing. Then there was the music. They sounded REALLY good! I loved their songs and knew most of the words from what I've heard over the last few days. My two favorites were Ghosttown and You Are the One. You Are the One is one of my favorite songs ever, I was so happy they played it. Go look it up on Youtube, it is an amazing song!

Finally, All American Rejects!!! Although visually Shiny Toy Guns was the best, they couldn't beat AAR's actual music/Tyson's talking. When they first came out it took me a bit to realize I was actually standing less than ten feet from Nick Wheeler!!! Ever since they came out back when I was in 8th grade I have adored him and he has ALWAYS been my favorite! I couldn't have had a better spot (other than on the gate). I was RIGHT in front of him. So close we made eye contact! I had my hand up, kinda waving towards him, and I SWEAR he looked directly at me and smiled! It was so sweet!! But anyway, I totally lost it when I noticed Nick right in front of me that I barely even noticed when, actually I completely missed Tyson Ritter come on stage. But when I saw him, I totally melted. He is soo freaking attractive. Both Tyson and Nick are amazing looking in person! The other two band members, Mike and Chris, looked pretty good too but I could barely see them. Mike came over to play next to Nick a couple times, though. Of course Chris couldn't move =P. Some of the greatest moments were when Tyson headed over towards Nick! Two of the hottest men ever, right next to each other, right in front of my face!! =] Tyson was a great frontman. He was really funny and talked to the crowd in between every song. He was pretty perverted, but it was funny =P. At one point he got the crowd saying "dirrrrrrty". Then of course they played Dirty Little Secret! He also mentioned that we were some of the sexiest dancers and got us all dancing for him for a bit. He said "fuck" a lot, so at one point he told us that he usually doesn't say it that often, only when he was really excited =]. Then he ranted for a minute or two about how he didn't want to read some blog that some mom will surely write about how much he said "fuck". He told them they need to get the cell phones out of their four year old's hands then cause they were on there using the word fuck every day. He said "all I had at that age was a stick. I would go and hit people with a stick, thats all my parents gave me!" It was really funny. Then their performing...it was nearly flawless! They are great live! Some bands really sound like shit live, but AAR is pretty much BETTER live. They played a few songs off their new album and then a lot of their biggest hits like Dirty Little Secret, Move Along, It Ends Tonight, and of course Swing, Swing! One song that I was surprised to hear was Paper Heart. That was super awesome!! I LOVE that song and didn't expect to hear it since it was from their first album! Oh then there was the part that made me SUPER jealous...Tyson took a random girl up on stage and sang Mona Lisa to her. Actually, he didn't just sing it to her, he SLOW DANCED with her and ended it with a kiss! I would have done anything to be that girl. They played a few more songs then left the stage without singing Gives You Hell, their most popular song and the first off their new album, or The Wind Blows, their newest single. But of course there was an encore! The last two songs were REALLY amazing. Anna and I freaked out when Gives You Hell came on, of course, cause that is totally our song =] It mysteriously happens to come on the radio every time we are in the car together and of course pretty much every other day we listen to it in our room. So we danced and sang to that one A LOT. They finally left the stage after the last two songs. I was kind of disappointed they didn't play The Last Song, though. But they only play it every few concerts. Nonetheless, it was an amazing concert. So I started to walk away then looked back at the stage to see Nick coming back out again! I was so mad I left my amazing spot cause I would have probably been able to get to the gate and be super close to him, but I ran back and got pretty close. He threw a few picks out even though he probably threw twenty of them throughout the concert. Again, I started walking away and a few more band members came out and threw the set list and a tshirt into the crowd.

On my way out the door I got a pretty good glimpse of Ace Enders who was sitting at his merch booth. I wanted to get up there to talk to him, but Anna and Travis were still walking straight towards the door, lol. At least I got a close up glance at him =P

This was the best concert of my life. I thought seeing Green Day would be the greatest concert because they put on an amazing show when I saw them a couple years ago. But I was at the Nutter Center, which is huge, and I was up in the seats rather than on the floor. I couldn't even make out Billie Joe's face from there. I will never be in the seats anyplace ever again because there is nothing like the rush you feel when you see those band members that have always seemed so unreal to you. Its an amazing feeling seeing them for the first time right up close. I would do it again in a heartbeat. This concert was the best end possible to my first year of college, even if even I had to rush through (and probably fail!) my Honors World Civ final. It was completely worth it. I will never forget this night and how amazing it felt to be so so close to my favorite band in the world =]
Posted on April 30th, 2009 at 06:38am


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