Before I start, I know there’s been a million blog’s about this, and I basically know most of your opinions already from reading them, but what I want to communicate in this one, is the feelings around Abortion, and how I feel. Now I’ll begin.

Abortion, it’s something a lot of people in this world look down upon, for others, it’s a chance to redeem a mistake that happened one night at a party whilst they were drunk. There’s a lot of debate over whether or not it’s right, and whether it’s really up to the mother to choose whether to abort her baby, or not.

Personally, I believe that Abortion, is a very serious step and you need to think every aspect through carefully. How can I think this? Because I’ve thought about it myself, first hand. Currently, I am pregnant with a baby girl, and I thought about it myself in the early days, just because I was so scared.

My reason’s for Abortion, were really my family, and my age. I thought that my family wouldn’t accept the fact that I was having a baby, and I was also worried about money, and on a more personal note, I had a miscarriage about 3 months before christmas, and I was worried because of that. I was told by the doctors, I may not be able to have kids unless I had an injection. I have to have this injection every time I get pregnant and give birth, or miscarry. Abortion, for me, felt like the only way at the time because I didn’t think in my heart that my baby would survive, even if I could take care of it. I’m glad I decided that the little person that was starting to form inside of me deserved a chance, because she turned out to be healthy, and she’s getting stronger by the day.

I believe a mother should be given the choice in some circumstances, such as rape ( if they really don’t want the baby that is), but how can we judge? Even if you have been raped, you might not have gotten pregnant, so how would you know what to decide if it happened to you? If you got raped and fell pregnant with the rapist’s child, how do you know what exact emotions will hit you? How do you know now, what you’re decision would be then? Of course, in those situations, you are entitled to what you feel is right in my opinion, but until you’re really standing there, in that situation, will you ever really be able to say that you COULDN’T carry that child? I mean, if you were a person that hangs on to everything, of course, but if you could go through counselling and forget all of that to an extent, how could you stand there and say you wouldn’t even think about having the child? Just because it’s the child of a rapist doesn’t automatically make it evil, but that’s just my opinion. Don’t ask me how I can make that rapist evaluation, because I’m not going to talk about it, but what I will say, is that I thought about it once, in a situation similar, but it was more of a ‘what if…’ question.

Of course, some argue that the foetus is actually alive, and can feel things. This is true, however it cannot FEEL and HEAR things until it’s starting to develop all it’s brain nerves and ears, this happens about mid-way into the pregnancy that it really starts to respond. In New Zealand, after 3 months, it is illegal for you to have an abortion, because that’s when the foetus becomes a human being. If you really wanted an abortion, you would have made up your mind before then surely anyway. I know I did.

I think, that when a girl/woman goes in for an Abortion, that the doctor should ask WHY they want one, and shouldn’t allow the person to have one if it’s a silly reason like ‘because it was a mistake’, they should provide reason’s WHY it was a mistake and why they find it necessary to get rid of the foetus. If it was just a drunken accident and you have no real reason like ‘I wanna finish school before having a child’, then really you should have thought about that before getting plastered and having sex with some random guy you found. Alcohol is no excuse for anything, yes it mixes up your mind, but you already knew that was going to happen when you drank it, you made your choices.

If, like me and my boyfriend, you were just to caught up to realise, then I think you should have thought about that as well. Ever since the day you got your first period, or the day you started jacking off, you should know that you could potentially wind up with a baby if you’re not careful.

All I’m saying, is that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter WHAT religion you are, it’s your choice, and when you’re standing there thinking about it, when you truly get landed with a baby in your stomach, or your girlfriends, things will change in your eyes, as long as you allow yourself to THINK.

I just wanted to get that out in the air.
Please don’t start fight’s in this Blog, it’s childish, and the only child I want to deal with right now is my own.
Posted on May 8th, 2009 at 08:15am


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