People Change...... thats a lie!

I don't know how many times some one I use to know or unfortunetly still do has said "I'm sorry I've changed" well they sure do know how to lie I think it's so funny how easily people fall undr that little spell. Those really are magic words! its just plain sad! The old song an dance of girl gets hurt boy leaves comes back an says the magic words that puts her in a trance! STUPID! Is the only word to describe her. Why dose she do it why? She dosn't know she just dose . Whats the point in litseing to him if he just keeps the same rotine ? I don't know she is retarted! Most guluble, dumb, depret, pathetic! Oh well, as long as she knows he will come back for more an he will only come back to hurt her well thats just the price to pay right? who cares about silly scars? Who cares about pain.... it will go away some day right? That dumbass will never learn that dumb ass is!

Like I said pathetic!
Posted on May 10th, 2009 at 02:32pm


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