God..Are You Listening?

...God if you're listening please answer this little prayer. There are so many things at 16 that I just do not understand. If the world is so beautiful why are there so many natural disasters? Why do you give us people to love, then snatch them away all too soon. I dont understand why we have to be sick, because of the things you put on this earth. Things such as tobacco and weed. I dont understand why, when you gave us the freedom of choice you would place something on this earth that can harm us. I do not understand when life has to be so hard. I do not understand why so manty things have to hurt. I know there are so many people on earth that sometimes you cant look after us all. But why let us hurt this badly. You send people in my life that are enimies disguised as friends. They tell lies and act genuine then their lost all again. I take everything at face value, and believe in the good of the people...and thats when I get hurt. WHy do you not warn me? Why do you not help? God...why do you let it all HURT!?!? Im tired of crying, tired of feelin all the pain and sadness and I just dont understand. Im tired of hearing my mother cry at night, im tired of seeing my true friends deal with the trials of life. Your world God is so beautiful, and yet your allowing us to ruin it. ANd the things you put on this earth your allowing us to ruin ourselves. I just dont understand. And allI want is a little guiding hand.

God: My dear child...My Angel os earth. At 16 or at 62 you are not meant to understand the way my world works. Or the way I work. I can not explain to you or begin to explain because in the end it might hurt more. I just want you to know that I am always here. And all the hurt and all the pain, in the end makes the good look all the more beautiful. SO take a little breather and look at whats good in life, because with all the bad, its all the more amazing. Remember your family loves you, remember I love you, and in the end all will be ok. You have to learn for yourself. And you have to go through all the pain to gain the courage to keep walking your way back home to me.

I dont know what the point to this blog was...hope you enjoyed
Posted on May 26th, 2009 at 01:35pm


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