Is it worth being nice anymore?

I don't know why infront of other people I try to be so nice, when in my head there are so many things going on and so much hatred its not funny. (Actually it sorta is a bit funny...) but other people just seem to find it so easy to be bitchy to other people, if I try I just have a guilt concious until I go up to the person and appologize.

Okay I'll jump to the point. At soccer there's this girl who's usually really shy...and I always try talk to her, just like I speak to everyone else, and last week at our trial game I said "oh, hey!!" when she came and she just turned around and said "hi..." in a tone pretty much asking why I thought I had the right to speak to her...but I didn't really think of it because I play soccer for fun and didn't really want to fight with anyone, especially not her.

Later on while we were practicing, she hit the ball at my hand and sprained it, it wasn't her fault but after I hurt anyone by accident I at least say sorry or ask if they're ok. I bet you if I fell on the floor crying, like I felt like doing, she wouldn't have even come up. Even if I wasn't the one to hurt someone and they were on the other [b] team [b/] I'd go up and ask if they were okay.

I didn't think anything of it again, because I didn't really care. It was my arm I could deal with it. Anyway, yesterday we had training again. When she came everyone went up to her, said "heyy!" and kissed eachother on the cheek like all teenagers do for some I walked up to her to be nice and did the she took a step back and brushed off her cheek.

I seriously think they know something I don't here, because her dad even stopped goal-keeper training me even though I've been pretty crap lately.

Very Happy Great I needed to get that off my chest.
Posted on March 8th, 2007 at 04:34am


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