Who knew.

Losing you was the hardest thing I could ever imagined. I still see you in my dreams and passing in the street as my mind fools me into believing it was you. Your photo still hangs in our home, with pride and contains so many memories and emotions that I could not even describe. The worst part is I have never managed to truly accept that you both have gone. I struggle to accept that two people, such significant parts of my life, could so easily be taken away from me. I lost my faith in God that day, I realized no-one had been rooting for me. I needed you then and now more than ever.
I wish you could have been there when I got my exam results through the door, or when I was announced as one of two depute head girls at my school which was by far one of my greatest achievements in recent years.
I wish you could see me grow old and fall in love just like you did. I wish you could see me make decisions, life changing ones and maybe make a difference some day.
I wish more than ever you were here, you had always been there for me when I needed you or just wanted someone to tell me how special i was. I have never felt such a pang of regret when I think of all the things I could have and should have said before you passed. I wish I'd told you how much you meant to me and how much I would continue to love and cherish your memory.
I miss my grandparents every single day and to an unbelievable extent. I am proud to be their grand-daughter and say that I spent so many enjoyable experiences with them. You two were the most wonderful people I could ever have hoped to know, I felt like I truly was on to something when I was with you both. I am glad that I got to know you both and love you so completely, than to have never known you at all.
I'll live my life carrying on your memory and never once forgetting what you gave me.
Hope and happiness for the future and the purest desire to make myself and others happy.

May you both carry on in the next life in peace and watch over me like the Guardian Angels i see you as.
Posted on June 3rd, 2009 at 04:45pm


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