Yes, it's been done. Doesn't mean it can't be redone.

I don't understand the abortion hype.

Technically, if a girl has her period and does not get pregnant, she's killing a would-be baby.

How come people get so worked up over abortion but not over animal slaughter, or even killing a bug? Every step you take kills something, every breath you breathe, every time you blink. It's impossible not to kill, people.

Though I suppose you mean intentionally? Well then, that doesn't work either.

I personally have no problem with doing what you need to survive. If you kill a cow because you needed it for food, it's not bad. I can't stand when people hunt for fun or kill bugs because "They're icky." I hate bugs, but you know what I do when I see one in my room? I lure it into my brother's room. I eat meat because it's full of the proteins I, as a growing girl, need.

And what about stem cell research? They're trying to find a way to cure all kinds of diseases with aborted fetuses. I always hear people ranting about people who "died for a noble cause." It's in every war hero's eulogy, it was in a bunch of stuff I read about 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the bombing of Hiroshima, Normandy, the American Civil War, and other things like that. So didn't these babies technically die for a noble cause?

Here's my view: If abortion is legal, they must legalize stem cell research! They must have both. Without abortions, stem cell research would not be possible. Without stem cell research, there would be no way to justify abortions.

Besides, do you see the misery in this world? You don't have to look far. And you're mad because babies are being deprived of misery? Think of all the things they could go through if they were born. Now think of the purpose they would serve if they weren't.

"But what if they were the next President?" That automatically makes them great? Think of Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, George Bush, and the like. Are they great? The next President could end up being the one who kills us all. BOOM!

Sure, they could be something great, but that's really all up to you. I think stem cell research is a good idea for the time being. It could rebuild lives.

Really, instead of ranting about abortions, just recognize it as a personal choice.

You may see me as some kid who has no idea what the hell she's talking about. This is not true.

In reality, I'm some opinionated kid with common sense. And I realize that there's been a lot of opinionated kids with common sense, probably way smarter than me. But I'm just putting my opinion out there. That's what blogs are for.

Hope I don't get too much hate. Smile
Posted on June 4th, 2009 at 06:48pm


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