The Dallas and Skylar Saga, again.

They're back together.

She totally disregarded what my mom and I told her about not talking to him (because he knew if he could talk to her he could win her back) and she did. He's convinced her that he's changed. He's convinced her to give him a second chance. He's convinced her that everything will be better again. But of course it won't. "Oh, he's only human, we make mistakes". This only occurred about 2 weeks ago and she's already slipping back into the old routine. She's not wearing makeup, wearing boring colours (blues, blacks, greys, whites), not doing her hair as well as she used to, not talking to me, not talking to her friends, swearing, being obnoxious in English class, texting him constantly and being really rude to her mom.

If none of this were true, if he really wasn't an abuser, I would apologise profusely. I could not imagine how it would make him feel, being called all those things when they weren't true. But they are. I would feel like an absolute monster. Men like him don't change.

My friends and I tried making her understand that he doesn't deserve a second chance. Everything he did before should have been the last straw. But oh no, he's got her in his clutches now. When I see them together he has a haha-I-won look on his face. He's always gloating.

Now Dallas is saying "Oh, I just blew everything out of proportion because I was mad at him. I deserved it". I told her that you NEVER deserve to be hit by someone you love. It just didn't connect in her head, I guess.

I've tried my hardest to save her from him. She's made her decision. I can't stop her from doing anything. She seems so hell-bent on her own destruction. When she's decided that she wants her life back, she can come to me. I will always be here for her when she needs me.
Posted on June 5th, 2009 at 11:12pm


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