I Scream, You Scream.

we all scream for ice cream...
Generally, people eat. Most people eat a lot when they are experiencing heavy emotions. I know that I for one pig out when I’m upset. Most girls eat a certain type of “food” when they experience a certain phenomenon called a “broken heart”. This food would be ice cream.

ice cream457 up, 138 down
a delicious frozen treat that comes from cows. Ice cream comes in many different flavours and can often be found at your local grociery store.

Thank you, urbandictionary.

Ice cream can be traced back as early as when Emperor Nero ordered ice to be brought down from the mountains and be topped with fruit toppings. Over time people got the idea just to add different flavours, and textures and that wonderful stuff to make the greatest thing ever. As ice cream has been brought around many different cultures, there’s no saying who really completely invented the idea of ice cream. I wish it was me, cause I’d have totally awesome street cred.
Now a days, people are taking a more healthy route, and eating frozen yoghurt. All thanks to places like pinkberry (I have never even legit seen a pinkberry, someone tell me all about it.) But to be honest, when I’m upset, I’d rather eat something unhealthy, than something that’s like “ZERO FAT.” Yeah that’ll make me feel nice. First I’m sad, now I’m eating something fat free, making me feel fat. yeah, real mood lifter.
In all honesty, ice cream is great. In the olden days, they would hand churn the cream to make it. Now a days, they use like an electric ice cream maker. Ice cream comes in lots of different flavours, some make me laugh. Like Heavenly Hash. Ice cream brings joys to little children, I remember it made my week if I got to go get something from the Ice Cream truck. Ice cream is a source of all happiness Cassie
One day, I plan to have a melted ice cream pool, and swim in it with Marissa and certain virgins.
I believe ice cream, is great. Even greater than Green Day. ;D
Thanks for reading.
aha its nonsense...sry.

Posted on July 8th, 2009 at 03:41pm


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