My life's history with Green Day

I am currently 13. My birthday was June 27th. I think my life started with Green Day when I was about 7 years old. Of corse I loved Green Day songs a LONG time before that I just never knew the band's name. I would always, always sing along to their songs whenever I would hear them on the radio. When I was in second grade, I was living in a cozy house in the city of Meniffee, CA, USA. One day my friend Cash came over and he brought with him "International Super Hits" (by Green Day, of corse) So I told him to put in the CD so I could hear what it was like. Immediately when the music started he started jumping up and down on my bed, and started rockin' out. I thought I liked it so I joined him.

When my eighth birthday came, I already forgot about that day. I don't remember any of my birthday gifts that I got but one: Cash got me Nimrod. When I opened my wonderful, wonderful present, my eyes opened so widely, I could hardly breath. That was the first gift that I used from that day.

After that my life totally changed.

When I was at F.Y.E, (I think I was nine/tenish?) all I was there for was G-r-e-e-n
D-a-y and only that. What I found was the wonderful Dookie. I was so happy because it was about a week ago that lost Nimrod. ); I still haven't found it nor bought it but I hope some day I do find it. Anyway, for my Eleventh birthday, I got an MP3. Most of my songs were, yep you guessed it, Green Day. I couldn't stay off it.

Shortly after that birthday my mom broke up with my dad because she was already dating another man. Believe it or not, I was depressed for about a year and I still hate him. ( My mom's boyfriend, Alex) He didn't know my birthday just passed until he asked me "Why do you have all this crap?" At the time I was listening to my MP3 and it was so loud you could here it from Africa. I told him all my crap was birthday gifts. The next day He left American Idiot and a $50 gift card to Hot Topic on my bed. I was glad because of Green Day and not Alex because I didn't have to hear my mom fuckin around with him.

I really didn't get anything Green Day related for my twelfth year of life except for the pink and green color Green Day tee - shirt but the only thing wrong with that present is that I couldn't listen to it.

For my thirteenth birthday, which just passed, I got 21st Century Break Down, and tickets to the Cox theater in San Diego, for I believe August 28th(?), for GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking syked!!! I am so happy!!!! If anyone else is going to any of there concerts, especially this date, please comment. If not, comment any way!!! Please don't say anything on my typing job cause most of the time I don't know how to spel. And keep on rockin! -Jess

Posted on July 9th, 2009 at 07:02pm


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