Nate my other half

The worst day of my life was April 10 2009, when you got taken away from me. On April 10th my best friend Noot passed away in a horrible car accident that happened right down the street from my house. They were speeding down the road trying to make curfew and a guy who didn’t have his blinker on went to take a wide left turn, but to them it looked like he was going to be taken a right turn so they went to pass him on the left. Right as they did that the guy turned left sending their car in a spin into a tree, ejecting everyone but the driver who was wearing his seatbelt. The car caught fire, the driver died along with three other boys including my best friend Nate who was ejected from the car. I heard a big crash and ran outside to see four bodies in the road and a car in flames. I was there before police or ambulance arrived. Only one of the boys survived, the rest passed away. In time a crowd of people arrived and the cops had to open the school down the street for everyone to go.

Imagine, you seeing your best friend in the road dead. The image is stuck with me and every time I close my eyes that what I see. I was going to be with Nate that night, I would have been one of the people in the car if it wasn’t for my mom saying she wanted me home for the night.

Nothing seems right anymore, I lost my other half that night, half of me is gone and it will never be replaced. Noot knew me better then I knew myself. We were always there for each other and now I feel like I have no one. I feel alone in this world. Every time I turn down my road I burst into tears. This boy meant so much to me and now he is gone and I’m left alone.

It has been a 3 months and a day since you left us. Nate you were one of my best friends someone I could always turn to for advise and for support no matter what it was. You were the person who could cheer me up when I was the most upset, and now I don’t have that. You were always there saying “hey Kate you’ll get through this your strong” or you would be saying “whose ass am I kicking now.” You always knew how to make people laugh with your guffy self. I remember when we first met and we just clicked, we got a long so great, and we would text and call each other all the time and be inseparable. You would always wait by my locker at school even if it was after the bell and we would always walk to first period together. I now can’t stand being at my locker for that long because your not there slamming my locker right as I open it, or making fun of me’ or just even talking to me about your day. I remember the last time we hung out was at the pier because you loved to fish and I just though it was nasty and disgusting and you ask me to hand you some bate, and I looked at you like you had ten heads and said “ you expect me to touch that nasty shit, your out of you mind” and you did you little smirk and said “okay princess I’ll get it myself” and we both cracked up and couldn’t stop. I also remember the last thing you said to me, we were talking about my car accident and you said “you make me worry so much” and I said “you don’t have to worry about me I’ll be fine” and then you said “ Kate I always worry about you and that will never change. You’re my best friend and I love you.” Its hard to believe a couple hours after that conversation and hug that you would no longer be here with me. I never thought that would be the last thing I heard come out of your mouth, or the last words you said to me.

Noot you were always there for me when I need you, so where are you when I need you the most? Everyone keeps telling me it gets better in time and that I just need to stay strong, well to be honest I don’t think it will every get better, each day just seems harder and harder. I miss you and love you with everything inside me. I think about you non-stop, you’re always on my mind and you are always in my heart and nothing will change that. I still have you Guy Harvey shirt, your shorts, and your bracelet and necklace that you always wore and now I’m always wearing it. Your mom told me to live my life for you, and I will everything I do, I do for you. I love you Noooot (spelled it with four os like you always told me)

R.I.P Noooot
1-11-94 “ 4-10-09
Gone but never forgotten
Posted on July 12th, 2009 at 12:14am


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