7/11/9. My Green Day experience

I woke up around 2 in the morning, after only an hour of sleep, only to find out we still weren't leaving on time. We ended up leaving at 4:30am and got to the parking ram around 5:00. We camped out in front of the Target Center from 5 in the morning to 5 in the evening, I met a lot of cool people in the line including our line mommy Very Happy She came up from Iowa, Aaron from the GDC and Anne[I never got how to spell her name xD] We chilled with them all day. We were finally let in, so the group dubbed our spots in line and wandered around. We got back in line and got bashed for cutting, but the people around us, like this amazing guy who kept shouting "THEY DESERVED IT THEY'VE BEEN HERE SINCE FIVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING" let us get back in. We waited for an hour, til' they opened the doors, counting down every 5 minutes.
We were finally let in and I was near my friend Katie so we power walked to the spot we wanted to claim and we planted ourselves there, meeting up with the rest of the group shortly.
The Bravery got up on stage, they were pretty good for some band I've never heard of before. I thought the lead singer was going to break his ankles the way he moved around, but over all I thought they did a nice job.
The drunk bunny came up on stage, chugged two beers and danced around a bit and was kicked off stage after about 5 minutes, then a few minutes later Green Day came on.
Yay Green Day! When they had started, you could feel an immediate change in the crowd. For The Bravery, I had so much room to stand, but when Green Day came up there, I was squished. They played a few songs from 21st Century Breakdown, then they moved onto Holiday and some older stuff. Billie talked about the time he met his wife saying "She said she would book us a gig down there. She never did. But we still showed up and ended up putting together a show in someone's basement"
He went into Longview and after Mike did his introduction, Billie stood a few feet away from me and shouted "Who wants to come up on stage and sing? Who knows the words?" so he walks down the catwalk thing and looks at me, walks past and goes for the people at the other end, then he runs off and over to the people standing stage right. He comes back and points to the people around me, then he looks back at me and says "Do you know the words?" and I nodded so he told the security guys to get my ass on stage. And literally that did happen. I had to pull up my pants before I stood up.
I didn't care that I was close up and got moved to the back, it was totally worth it. Billie held his arms out for a hug when I got up there, so I hugged him. We counted in and I started singing and I tried so hard not to pass out/forget the words. Then I went off stage and moved to the back for the rest of the show. Since his wife is from Minnesota, he sang Minnesota Girl. I knew the words to the song but no one else around me did, they just looked at me weird.
He ended it with Good Riddance, so I made my way out so I could try to catch up with my friends. It didn't happen. But we did meet up again by the buses.
Over all I think the show was awesome. It was my first Green Day show, and I was actually conscious the whole time, unlike the whole "Billie touched my shoulder at the Foxboro show" type thing xD
Posted on July 12th, 2009 at 04:42pm


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