I mean wow.

I remember sitting watching tv and 'Brain Stew' came on and at this point i wasn't aware of Green Day, like at all. I actually thought "they're not bad i guess". So i went on youtube and searched them, found songs like 'Longview' and 'Pulling Teeth'. But after that i never listened to them until i met Shannon aka "Lucky" from here, we live about 5 minute's from each other and we went to the same school. So we were in Administration (Computer's etc. Ofc) in school, we randomly started talking about music and i was obessed with Linkin Park and System Of A Down back then and she said "Green Day are my favourite band". So she let me hear more stuff like 'Dookie' and 'American Idiot'. Within a month she got me really into them and i thank her for that ^_^. So i went to the music store in my town and i bought 'Insomniac', not 'American Idiot' Haha.

So after a few months me and Shannon had been meeting up quite alot randomly walking and listening to Green Day, we were always on youtube looking for new random Green Day video's. We were hooked on them. It was amazing. We were like "If we see Green Day, we'll be like D:" Haha, now, we're going to see them on the 19th October 2009. YUSS! It'll be good, it cost us £40 a ticket. I somehow managed to get 4 floor tickets so i'm pretty happy about that. It'll be good.

Shannon and I said at one point whilst watching the video for 'Holiday', "Who would you be out of all of the characters in the video". So we had it all planned out, we used to do everything Green Day related for a bit. It was such a laugh' We found such a great spot for a re-make of 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' near out house's, we were going to film it but never got round to it.

So yeah, Green Day's lyrics are so inspirational and just amazing. The song 'Paper Lanterns' is my favourite song EVER. Because it's just the perfect song to sum up my life. I'm in love with a girl who's got someone already and i just can't take it much longer, but when i listen to the song it cheers me up, i just don't know how.

So yes, i owe alot to Shannon aka Lucky, oh' and of course Green Day.
Posted on July 12th, 2009 at 04:43pm


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