My Knotted Throat and Your Pulsing Lies.

I really hope you read this mom.

I'm so sick of you and your stupid double standards. If you were actually "fair" with your kids like you say you are. Then you wouldn't be such a fool.

Blake doesn't do a damn thing around the house. He blows his money and yours and doesn't pay anybody back in money, food or gas. Sydney is always out and about and when she's home she's sleeping. She has four jobs, that's understandable, but when she's not working she's with her weird friends and partying. You don't ever say anything to her.

I just got a second job and have one day off a week. I now have to work double shifts sometimes and for some reason have to give you $100 for my hair and cell phone bill. You paid for Sydney's hair and basically said "don't worry about paying me back". Blake doesn't pay for his cellphone and you say nothing about it.

Back to my point. Second job. I don't have time to do anything anymore. When I get the chance to hang out with my friends I try to take it. But instead of me doing anything fun. You make me stay home and clean the freaking house everyday before and after work. I mouth off one time and my cellphone goes off. Reluctantly you shut Blake's off too because he doesn't do a damn thing. But the thing is mom, I try to pay you back! Or try to.

You say you try to be fair with us, but you never really are. Sydney is 22 and living at home, she has 4 jobs and is trying to get her own apartment. She can't stand you anymore than I can.

Blake works 9 hour days at his work. Comes home, showers, dresses and leaves off to his stupid friends house. And you didn't even believe me when I told you he started chewing! "He would never do that, you're lying". And you're a freaking idiot.

When we all went to Wisconsin Dells, Syd and I were goofing off in the hallway when all of us were on our way to the waterparks. You sped up and told dad you didn't want to be seen with us because we're annoying and stupid. Do you have any idea how that hurts coming from your own mother?

So let me tell you this. I'm completely through being your servant monkey. If you want something done, then you can do it yourself. I don't care how bad your back hurts or how freaking tired you are. You are fully functioning and have a steady heart-beat. Stop being so lazy and hypocritical. I don't want to look at you, talk to you or even think about you anymore. Whatever you want. You're on your own.
Posted on July 26th, 2009 at 11:07pm


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