Being on stage with Green Day.

In two days it will be a month since my first Green Day concert. I went to the show on July 16th in Hamilton, Ontario and it was the best night of my life. I have been a Green Day fan since 2004 when I was 11 years old. I wanted to see them in 2005 when the played at Molsen Park in Barrie, Ontario on August 12th I believe, but my mom decided not to take me at the last minute. Lets just say I was not a very friendly person to be around when she broke the news.

Anyways I got to the venue at 5:00am and during the day made a lot of friends. It was really nice to be around people who had the same passion for Green Day as I do. There was some confusion about how the whole Will Call thing worked because everyone was suppose to get their tickets at 6:00pm, but the members of the Idiot Club got theirs earlier. From that I was quite upset because it meant that the members got to go straight in while i still had to wait to get my ticket. I thought that was unfair because I was second in line so I should have gone in as the second person. So there was some tears there from me because I thought I was not going to get the front. As the day went on the tours buses started coming and from in the line on the street I saw a head of very blond hair which I had assumed was Jason Freese(I think that's how it's spelt) so I got up and ran out of the line, but when the bus got closer I saw Tre Cool! I screamed like out of no where like a little fan girl, but I was excited that he looked right at me (yes it was right at me because no one was around me). So that encounter made me happy.

When I finally went through security and got my tickets I ran down the escalator then got yelled at by a security guard for doing it, but I just ran by saying "I CAN'T HELP IT I'M SO EXCITED!" It turned out that me and my friend got to stand right in front on the cat walk beside the people we met when we first arrived at the venue. We were so excited. The Bravery opened for Green Day and I didn't like them to much because they just didn't connect with the crowd. The Drunken Bunny was hilarious and danced to Michael Jackson. And when Green Day finally came out starting with 21 Century Breakdown I got chills in my body and started like freaking out! I couldn't believe after almost 5 years of waiting I was finally seeing my band. You know when you finally see a band live and you actually see there faces you like just know they are real. I don't know if that makes sense, but oh well.

Anyways, they continued playing songs (I don't want to make this a concert review so I'm not going to talk about the other songs) and when they started playing Are We The Waiting I was totally excited because I love Billie's voice in that song. He was singing it and going around getting the crowd singing with him it was great. Then he came right in front of me and pointed at me then bent down and I was holding his hand for what seemed like forever (but really it was like a couple seconds) then he waved for me to come up and I was like Shocked me!? And he nodded his head and while singing "Heads or tails, fairy tales in my mind" the security pulled me up by the back of my pants and literally threw me on the stage, (which later I realized I had bruises from) Billie then helped me get up and then we hugged then stood with one arm around each other. My mind was literally blank like there was no thoughts. Then the next thing I knew Billie put the mic up to my face and the words "The Jesus of Suburbia is a lie" just like came out. I was surprised I remembered the words or even spoke to be honest. Being up there and seeing all those faces is so surreal. After that Billie got me to start waving my arms back and forth and the crowd copied what I did which was also really cool. And finally at the same time Billie ran back to start St Jimmy, the security called me off stage and I had to go to the back of the pit. I started crying my eyes out because it meant more then anything in the world to be on stage with my heroes. I surprisingly made my way back to the front after fighting through the pit which is not easy when you're only 5ft3.

It was definitely the best night of my life and a night I will never ever forget. There is a video of it on my profile if anyone wants to look.

This was my first blog and I hope I didn't like break any rules. Smile
Posted on August 14th, 2009 at 06:36am


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