To my special GSB friends

So I decided to make a blog dedicated to my great GSB friends. I've been on this site since 2005 and talked to a lot of great people especially lately. So yeah this is what I have to say about you Very Happy .

CountMikeulasNextVictim (Amber) - i h8 u zo moch betch! lol We are awesome when we talk like that. Okay so we have have been friends since I joined here and you've always been like so nice. We have had the best GDTV times and I'm pretty sure we'll be on it for life Laughing We're also nymphos for life, even Urban Dictionary says so Very Happy. We are the biggest bitches to each other and the biggest complainers. We pretty much hate everyone, but Green Day and each other. It's going to be awesome when we move to Ottawa and become alcoholics File and then Cali will be even better. Maybe by then you will stop being sick all the time!! Anyways, thanks for always listening to me bitch and being a awesome friend! Love you bff! Smiley

Christina loves you! (Christina) - Twinnie!! We have so many things in common it's crazy. GDTV times with you were so fun. I miss Joey Sad. You were always SUPER nice and really awesome to talk to. It sucks we don't talk to much anymore, but you're still so great! I miss you Smiley

fille atomique (Elle) - You're the random girl who messaged me because I said i was allergic to pot. lmfao. And we have talked ever since. You're really awesome to talk to and we have a lot in common. We talk about pretty much the most random things and the PMing is never ending Razz. You're awesome and super nice! Smiley

Creepers (Chelsea) - My very close friend (literally we live a 10 minute drive away from each other). We have said that we are going to hang out since like what May? And it still hasn't happened!! Hopefully soon or like the day we have planned. We talk about everything and you're always there to listen to me when I have a problem. What day is The Latency concert? I totally forget Laughing You're so awesome and I'm glad we started talking! Smiley

Comrade182 (Gary) - Meowwww. lmfao I'm sorry I had to Razz You're one of the coolest people I know and one of the funniest. Being jobless ftw! I'm you're stalker Cool obviously Wink Laughing You're really fun to talk to and you're awesome! Smiley

just_call_me_dookie (April) - We used to talk soooo much, but not as much anymore. I was in love with your stories they we're (and still are) so great! I miss talking to you, but I'm glad we have been talking again in the Tre thread Very Happy You're awesome! Smiley

Also I wanna say that everyone in the Mike and Tre threads are so awesome! They are the best threads Cool . Smiley

I'm sorry if I forgot anyone, and I know that I said all of you are awesome, but you all really are!! Thanks for being great you guys! Smiley
Posted on August 21st, 2009 at 01:50pm


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