September 22.

This day is probably just another day for everyone. Your lives go on, you smile, you have no worries. I wish I could say that about myself. Today will never be the same for me. Even as I write this I try not to cry.

Will moved here sophomore year, 2005. Ever since then, he changed everyones lives. We are a small town from small communities and consider ourselves country. Will was from Mississippi. We were never the same again. He could just walk into a room and make everyone smile. Nobody had a bad thing to say about him. Will was instantly a hit with everyone.

I can remember the times where he stayed over my house so vividly. The first time was for my SummerSlam party. That was the best wrestling party I've ever had. The second time was when we went to New York for my birthday. My friends and I went to NY and it was Will's first time in the big city. He had so much fun. He was very intrigued with all the limos! His country came out when he said he could never live here because it was too busy and loud.

The day I found out he was gone was the most heartbreaking things I could endure. He always seemed so strong and I looked up to him. I didn't believe it at first; he really...killed himself? I stayed up for most of the night in shock. Why would he do something like that? He didn't want to die, he wanted the attention. To be stopped. But he pulled the trigger. It can't be changed. He's gone forever.

Happy birthday, Will. I miss you so much. You played such a huge part in my life, and I'd give anything to get you back. <3
Posted on September 22nd, 2009 at 10:29am


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