I was looking into the Billie Joe' s family thread and i seen these links to personal photos, like really, the kids don't need that spotlight just cause who their parents are, the kids are they're own person and they deserve their own privacy just like everyone else does
i think as the kids as normal and like everyday people like us, really i wouldn't treat them any different then i would treat my friends, and in my point of view, green day is just these very talented artist that give me a motivation in life to pursue my dreams (:
their children don't need to be stalked and tracked down, they need their privacy, are they in green day? no, their parents are.
and those photos where probably leaked on to the internet cause maybe one of the band members or wife's of green day wanted to send a family member a photo, just had to get my thought out there, thanks for reading.
Posted on October 22nd, 2009 at 05:57pm


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